Chicky Sandos

We interrupt your weekly dose of Fortune's Food Finds to bring you a special edition we like to call Deffes' Dish Delights. This week's Delight is Chicky Sandos Hot Box Combo that cost $9. 

Usually, you'll never see me making the trek to Coursey Boulevard to go eat, but this food truck looked fire (literally). I first heard about Chicky Sandos from LSU students Marigny and Kaitlyn Lanaux's food Instagram After seeing the huge spicy tenders and chicken sandwich that would put Popeyes to shame, I knew I had to go. 

When I ordered my Hot Box Combo, I played it safe with the mild spice level, and I'm glad I did. Take it from me, you don't want to go Chicky Sandos and leave the window without ordering a beverage. 

Upon opening my box, I was a little underwhelmed that it consisted of only two tenders. After getting full off of one, I realized two is all you really need. These tenders are massive; I'm talking the size of a small chicken breast. You'll definitely be full after two servings of these monster tenders. 

Hot Box Combo

The spice level was perfect for me. It gave me a slight nose run but didn't leave me gasping for water. I will say this: if you're expecting buffalo fried chicken, you've got the wrong food truck. This is hot chicken. It tastes like an unassuming chicken tender then the heat comes back to bite you. Their chicken is perfectly fried and not too greasy but be prepared for that sneaky spice. 

My tenders' sides consisted of coleslaw, Cajun fries, pickle slices and a sauce. The sauce reminded me of a canes sauce with more ketchup, but I think this chicken would do better with a good house-made ranch. The fries were good, but they usually have waffle fries, and I think those would've been better. The coleslaw was perfect to cool down the heat of my tenders. If Canes coleslaw tasted like Chicky Sando's maybe I wouldn't have to substitute it for more toast. 

Food Truck

Overall, I really liked this food truck. I think it lives up to the hype that the local food bloggers are giving it. I don't know if I'd drive that far to eat it again, but sometimes the truck makes trips to places like Andy's Frozen Custard. If they ever roll on down to Andy's again, I'd love to pair the Hot Box Combo with a concrete. 

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