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April has come to end and that means it’s officially time for those summertime vibes. The season may not officially start until June, but finals are over, and the weather is nice, and that’s reason enough to blast some summertime tunes. It seems like artists are feeling it too, with Olivia Rodrigo, Doja Cat, Troye Sivan and more already releasing some summer hits. Here’s some of my favorite songs of the month to help you kick off the start of our summer break. 

“Kiss Me More” - Doja Cat, SZA

This is a collab I didn’t know I needed but I’m glad I can listen to it. It’s nearly impossible to not listen to this track and dance around. 

“Wave of You” - Surfaces

I haven’t stopped listening to this song since it came out. If the term “summertime vibes” were a song this would be it. 

“deja vu” - Olivia Rodrigo 

Not that we really needed proof that Olivia Rodrigo was not a one-hit wonder, but it’s clear that she’s here to stay after listening to “deja vu.” The song is different from her debut record breaking song “drivers license,” but it’s definitely still a bop. 

“You” - Regard, Troye Sivan, Tate McRae

I’m a big fan of both Troye Sivan and Tate McRae, so I was really excited for this collab and they did not disappoint. This is the perfect summer jam, and their voices blend so well together. 

“LazyBaby” - Dove Cameron 

This is my feel-good track of the season. I automatically start grooving to this song whenever it comes on. 

“Save Your Tears (Remix)” - The Weeknd, Ariana Grande 

Not much needs to be said about this one. Ariana Grande’s vocals add so much to this song, making me love it even more. When these two collab they always make a banger. 

“Dover Beach” - Baby Queen 

Queen of the babies and queen of catchy choruses, this is another song from the artist I constantly have on repeat. A perfect song to literally play during a summer night at the beach or on a road trip super loud while you belt out the lyrics. 

“Cry About It Later” - Katy Perry, Luisa Sonza, Bruno Martini  

This is for all of my fellow sad girls, because sad girl summer and hot girl summer both deserve to be celebrated. However, this song is to put the sad songs on pause and party, so as Katy Perry says, “I’ll cry about it later, tonight I’m having fun.”  

“Talkin’ Bout” - Loui, Saweetie 

With Meghan Thee Stallion in a new relationship and on a little hiatus, Saweetie is now leading hot girl summer. This song kicks off our season, already taking over TikTok from being ridiculously catchy and fun to dance to. 

Check out these songs and more new songs I’ve been loving this month here. 

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