LSU senior Damien Henry, a musician also known as DIEGEAUX, jumps in the air for a demo cover for one of his songs.

Rising musician, Damien Henry, is an LSU senior majoring in interdisciplinary studies. Music is a huge part of his life.

“Plenty of days have passed throughout my college experience, and all I can say is that I wouldn’t have made it through without my favorite songs,” Henry said.

Henry is developing his own musical career here at LSU under the stage name DIEGEAUX. 

Henry is a well-rounded musician who not only sings but plays four instruments, including the drums, piano, guitar and bass. He shares that his music is aimed to be powerful and impactful in people's daily lives. 

Henry is from the small town of Greensburg, Louisiana. He grew up participating in the talented art program, as well as the band program in his city, which introduced him to creativity and music. It wasn’t until he came to LSU that he began to see his vision more.

“The new environment and people I met here encouraged me to believe more in myself and brought out more of my potential to become a vocalist,” Henry said. 

DIEGEAUX has done numerous performances on campus since Henry’s freshman year, such as LSU Welcome Week, Open Mic Night and the Black Student Union talent showcase. 

Performing has always been a challenge for him. Henry shares that he suffers anxiety, which sometimes causes his hands to freeze. He said this is just something he has learned to overcome because he could never imagine not performing. 

Henry said the crowd loved his performance with his band in the BSU talent show, so he decided to sing and play with the band more. The support he received from the LSU community, along with some soul searching, gave Henry the belief that he could do what his heart wanted. 

“Those performances convinced me that the potential that I felt in myself was real,” Henry said. “I have literally gotten to accomplish what is perceived impossible from my hometown, and I have a glimpse of what my future can be.”

He shares that he owes a part of his experience to his time here at LSU. Henry hopes the campus can continue to be a space where culture, community and creativity can thrive for future students. 

Henry encourages other students who might feel the same as he once did, fearful or doubtful, to step out of their comfort zones and follow their hearts. 

“Everyone deserves to live a taste of their dream,” Henry said.

DIEGEAUX’s musical discography, as of now, is 100% written, produced, mixed and mastered by Henry himself as an independent artist. He released his debut album “RAGE” on all music streaming platforms over the summer of 2022.

He is currently working on a nightlife themed EP called “Midnight Oil” projected to release on Nov. 17, approximately a month before his graduation.

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