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The Trailer Park Trashy and Brushfire sit in the shade on Mar. 5, 2021 at 3658 Nicholson Dr in Baton Rouge.

Finding good food is not an easy task. As a person whose job is to find food, I often have to utilize social media to find new restaurants. There are instagram pages devoted to sharing their food finds with the masses. Here is a list of my favorite food pages on Instagram that cover restaurants here in Baton Rouge.


If I ever say “the food page on Instagram,” I am talking about foodiestoforkwith. LSU alumna Victoria Hines runs this immensely vibrant page that displays every kind of food there is. I am such a fan, I collaborated with her on an edition of Fortune’s Food Finds about the new restaurant SoLou.

Foodiestoforkwith is always quick to visit new restaurants, so I am frequently checking in to make sure I do not miss anything. This is easily one of the most well-run food pages that I have ever seen, not just in Baton Rouge but overall.


redstickblackeats pics

This page is a must-follow. LSU alumnus Nicholas Robert highlights Black-owned restaurants in Baton Rouge. Robert eats at all places but noticed that Black-owned joints were not mentioned as much on the news and other media outlets so he took matters into his own hands — and did so brilliantly. Redstickblackeats has nearly one thousand followers now. Robert mentioned how summer 2020 changed the recognition that his page received.

“After the events of last summer, Black-owned businesses, especially Black-owned restaurants, received attention,” said Robert, “and almost instantly, the amount of followers and engagement on my Instagram page noticeably increased. I for one am glad that people have supported many of the places I have posted about.”


LSU architecture senior Caroline Scheuermann runs this page and comes up with some fire comments. “And in the mornin’, I’m makin waffles,” is about as good of a caption as anyone can post. Tooforkedup is about the dishes and not much else, besides perks of course.

“I find new places to try out from other users’ posts and I love interacting with small local restaurants through my account! The best part is that I’ll sometimes get promotional offers in exchange for posting about new businesses trying to grow a social media following,” Scheuermann said. is run by communication studies junior Marigny Lanaux and her twin sister, digital marketing junior Kaitlyn Lanaux. The twins are based primarily in New Orleans but feature many Baton Rouge restaurants while they are here at LSU. The Lanaux twins have built quite a fanbase with almost five thousand followers but are still extremely invested in the foodie community.

“We started our food blog as a way to share what we eat to our friends and family. We love meeting other local food bloggers and trying new places to eat around NOLA and BR,” they said.


I have always believed that family bonding does not count unless food is involved, and the three Lakvold sisters do plenty of quality bonding.

Getupchowdown is run by LSU alumnae Amanda and Claire. Along with mass communication freshman Ryn. The sisters were always taking pictures of their food and decided that sharing them would be a neat idea. I appreciate the job they do to celebrate holidays such as Pi day and important weekly occurrences such as treat yo self Tuesday.

“Although we started the page a few years ago, we started consistently posting on it at the end of 2020,” said one of the sisters. “We love trying new foods, but our favorite part that we didn’t realize when we started is all the foodie friends we’ve made and the whole foodie community that is so welcoming, friendly and supportive.”


Gimmethewheel is so much more than a food page. It is an entire show. The show has one full season already on Youtube. Chefs are interviewed and kitchens are toured in the 30-minute episodes. Gimmethewheel gives you the rare opportunity to see how the food is made at local restaurants. A personal experience with food is provided in these episodes.

“‘The Wheel’ showcases the charming atmospheres, mesmerizing tastes, and winning hospitality that so many of our area restaurants boast,” the account owners said.

A second season will be filmed soon, and I cannot wait to learn more about some local spots.


boozeyfoodiez pic

LSU alumnus Jeanne Marie Hidalgo knows that quenching thirst is just as important as satisfying hunger.

“I use my page as a creative space. Of course, what peaks my creative interest the most is the colorful and savory food and drinks of Baton Rouge,” Hidalgo said.

Boozeyfoodiez displays foods like bacon-wrapped alligators and veal sorrentino, but also mango mojitos and spiked hot chocolate. If you are over 21 and looking to get a little buzz on after treating your taste buds, look no further.


Mitch's meals

Accounting graduate student Victoria Mitchell covers plenty of places in LSU’s backyard like The Chimes, Inga’s and Louie’s so LSU students can definitely benefit from following. The account also includes fast food dishes and repeat restaurants, making the page super real in terms of how we eat. Mitchell’s photography skills are also second to none, which comes from experience.

“I have always taken pictures of my food ever since I can remember,” Mitchell said. “Around March 2016, I created an Instagram page to share the pictures on, but it wasn’t until the summer of 2020 that I decided to up my food game and become a part of the ‘foodie’ community. I love being a part of the Baton Rouge food community and inspiring people to try different restaurants!”


As a vegetable lover, the amount of green on Jaime Patrice’s page is inspiring. I like that this page has multiple posts from one restaurant, giving in-depth looks at specific places. Menu pictures are also an ingenious feature of shebeeatin. The page has over 600 posts which further confirms that shebeeatin definitely be eatin.


Two kids crushing their cravings in the capital of Louisiana. The duo has over 1,000 followers and was recently featured in the 225’s The Kids issue. A hand is the closest you get to see of the content creator on most food pages, but the lil foodiez exhibit a different reaction face to every meal that is featured on their page.

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