So Lou

A Rotisserie Chicken Sandwich with fries sits in its container on March 18, 2021 outside of So Lou Restaurant in Baton Rouge.

This Friday's fortune is a Rotisserie Chicken Sandwich from the newly opened restaurant SoLou. The sandwich cost $14 and came with a side of fries.

Rotisserie chicken is wonderful meat and putting it in a sandwich is an idea with great potential, but you can run the risk of the sandwich being too dry. The fresh vegetables helped provide life to the sandwich. The pesto added the brilliance that pesto always brings to whatever it touches. The importance of the bacon in this sandwich had to do with the crunch. Rotisserie chicken does not provide the texture that grilled or fried chicken would, so the bacon was a necessity. The fries had more than enough seasoning, and I even threw some fries in the sandwich just because that combo never fails.

I found this restaurant thanks to Baton Rouge’s favorite foodie @foodiestoforkwith. She has a beautiful Instagram and Tik Tok with thousands of followers that highlights food spots around Baton Rouge and New Orleans. “The atmosphere of the place is unlike anything else in Baton Rouge in my opinion. Its interior has a modern southern vibe to it and is super welcoming. Once you take a seat, you’re sure to enjoy yourself and the company you’re with — they make it easy to,” LSU alumna Victoria Hines said.

So Lou

A neon sign adds hangs on the wall on March 18, 2021 in the So Lou patio at 2112 Perkins Palm Ave in Baton Rouge.

If you are looking for some good eats with an even better environment, then this is the spot. SoLou is located at 7246 Perkins Road, next to Perkins Road Community Park.

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