Triplet’s Blue Store II stands on April 8, 2021 at 2321 Highland Rd in Baton Rouge.

This Friday’s Fortune is fried chicken wings with shrimp fried rice and two Hawaiian rolls from Triplet’s Blue Store II. The meal from this spot near campus costs $12.97.

Fried chicken either hits or it doesn’t. The breading, the seasoning and the actual chicken meat are all separate and equally important in fried chicken. In my experience, if a wing is missing one component, it's usually missing all of them. The Blue Store’s wings went a successful 3/3 in wing components. They had a crunchy bite without too much breading, seasoning with a hint of spice that kept me constantly licking my fingers and tender chicken. In short, the wings are top-tier. The shrimp fried rice was decent, but it is hard to compete with the quality of the wings. I had to drizzle soy sauce on the rice to up its level. Lastly, the Hawaiian rolls were Hawaiian rolls; I have never not enjoyed them. 


A six-piece wing with shrimp fried rice and rolls sits in its container on April 8, 2021 outside of Triplet’s Blue Store II on Highland Road.

I have been to this wing spot many times, and I can confirm that they are consistent. Almost all of the food finds up to this point have been places that I was trying for the first time, but I felt like this restaurant is not as well-known as I thought it was. And, these fried chicken wings are definitely worth the recognition.

If you are searching for a plate or platter of fantastic fried chicken, head to Triplet’s Blue Store II. The restaurant is located at 2321 Highland Road, just a few minutes down the road from the Varsity Theatre.

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