This Friday's fortune is a special Lafayette edition. The dish is a $12 hash-brown bowl from Scratch Farm Kitchen, a restaurant that makes everything from scratch with fresh local ingredients.

Scratch Bowl

This was a beautiful dish. I really had to stop and take a moment to eat with my eyes first. I saw myself devour this meal before I took a bite. The colors were too beautiful to not give it that respect. When I began eating, the vision of the food and the actual taste became one. It was one of those meals that you had to close your eyes for. I saw the flavors in my mind just like Remy did in “Ratatouille.” I do not usually order fried eggs because I can make them perfectly at home, but this egg was comparable to mine. The fresh broccoli was a neat and tasty way to incorporate greens into this dish. The hash potatoes, shaved cheese and tofu were prepared nicely and did their job. It was the chimichurri that brought the zesty magic to this dish. A beautiful collection of well-cooked fresh ingredients will always leave me without complaints.

I was on a business trip to Lafayette and a friend of mine chose the restaurant because of their reputation of quality and variety. Scratch started in a food truck and eventually secured this location which has outdoor seating and a beautiful setup inside with a large menu display. Scratch also has desserts and drinks available for those who enjoy treating themselves early in the day.

If you are looking for farm fresh food with vegan options, and happen to be in Lafayette, stop at Scratch. Scratch Farm Kitchen is located at 406 Garfield St., Lafayette, LA.

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