Poboy House

Poboy House stands on March 25, 2021 at 170 6th Street in Port Allen.

This Friday's fortune is Stuffed Avocado from The Poboy House. The dish from the Port Allen restaurant costs $8.50. 

I liked the proportions of this dish. Avocado has a distinct taste, but it doesn’t drown anything out, nor is it unrecognizable among the ample amount of tender chicken. I would have liked a tad bit more bacon to add more crunch in each bite. Another leaf of lettuce would have been nice as well because I think it goes lovely with the soft avocado. Still, it was a good amount of food for the price. Hard to go wrong with cheddar cheese and a layer of balsamic dressing over the chicken. The cherry tomatoes were a nice cherry on top of the dish.

Poboy House

A Stuffed Avocado order sits in its container on March 25, 2021 outside of Poboy House in Port Allen.

I was on my way out when my eyes cut across a display full of cakes leaving me no choice. The $4 two-layer berry chantilly was a work of art and the restaurant’s most famous cake according to the waiter. The fruit was not old or lifeless, it was flavorful and was engulfed in a sweet syrup. The cream was light and easy to enjoy, just like the cake. It was a delicate and sweet dessert with fruit. Exactly what a dessert of this kind should be. The chantilly makes for a worthy addition to a meal.

The drive to the Poboy House was a 10-minute journey that took me over the Horace Wilkinson Bridge. Do not let the bridge fool you, it is closer to LSU than many of the restaurants in Baton Rouge. Plenty of outdoor seating with an overhead awning is available at this spot making it perfect for the current environment that the pandemic has created. I also liked the setup that encased their desserts and the open kitchen.

Poboy House

A slice of Berry Chantilly cake sits in its box on March 25, 2021 outside of the Poboy House at 170 6th Street in Port Allen.

If you’re looking for some interesting dish options or flavorful desserts then head to The Poboy House at 170 6th St., Port Allen.

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