1-28-18 Bark in the Park

A small dog sits in its basket wearing a Yoda costume at Bark in the Park in Downtown Baton Rouge on Sunday, Jan. 28, 2018.

Everything's better when our furry friends are involved, especially Halloween.

The dog daycare center, Dogtopia, is hosting a costume contest on Facebook this year. The winner will walk away with a free 10-Day Daycare Pass, second place will receive a Spa Package and third place will get a free daycare day.

The rules:

1. Dress up your pup in their best Halloween costume

2. Send your photo to batonrouge@dogtopia.com

3. Entries will be posted on the Dogtopia Facebook page, which you can then share

4. Vote for your favorites by “liking” the photo on Facebook (Voting will be open Oct. 24-30)

5. The photo has the most “likes” by midnight on Oct. 30, 2020 will win. The winner will be announced on Oct. 31.

Where to get your dog a last minute Halloween costume in Baton Rouge:

-Splash and Dash Groomerie and Boutique





You can always make your dog a costume with dog friendly paint or child sized clothes.

Remember to keep your pets safe this Halloween. This is a confusing time for dogs with many unfamiliar sights and sounds. While we are excited to include our dogs in our spooky plans, remember to be aware of the unknown settings that may increase their anxiety.

Tips to keep your dog safe and happy:

1. Keep treats out of reach. Many sweets, cakes and diet foods contain the sugar substitute xylitol which is highly toxic to dogs.

2. Consider their costume. While it may be cute, make sure it does not cause them distress. Some costumes can be heavy on them and limit mobility.

3. Keep an eye on them. Halloween night is notorious for dogs getting spooked and running away from their homes.

4. Keep glow sticks out of reach. These bright, colorful sticks can be an intriguing chew toy if your dog has the chance.

5. Beware of your pumpkin decorations. Be sure to throw your pumpkin away before it gets old. Moldy food can contain dangerous mycotoxins and are highly dangerous to dogs.

If your dog loves to socialize, consider bringing them to local dog-friendly bars this Halloween. Here are some bars and restaurants that will welcome your pet with open arms:

-The Bulldog

-Bald Eagle Pub

-Pelican to Mars

-The River Room

-Bistro Byronz

-Brew Ha-ha

-MID TAP (outside area)

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