abcs of death

The ABCs of death is a disgusting, morbid film perfect for Halloween and gory lovers. This film is one of the top hardest movies to watch because of its sporadic style.

The ABCs of death is a compilation of various horrific scenes directed by 26 directors. The basis of the movie is centered around different scenarios of death for every letter of the alphabet. Each letter is correlated to a word which is then turned into a short film. These films styles can range from live action all the way to claymation. It'll have you hooked from A to Z.  

This horror movie can be categorized with other gruesome films such as 1,000 Ways to Die or Final Destination. Random, nearly impossible situations that play on your worst fears and ultimately lead to death are what make these films so horrific. 

The ABCs of Death is by far one of the most entertaining and gruesome horror films I have ever sat through. Although it is confusing and exaggerates almost every scene, there is something quite intriguing about the masterminds that are able to produce such unpredictable content. While watching the movie you will experience feelings of confusion, disgust, and oddly enough- fascination. 

Whether the title letter is T for Toilet or N for Nazi Furries Burlesque, the storylines are nothing like what you might imagine them to be. Each short film is about thee to five minutes long which is just enough time for directors to fit in a small plot. 

Since the movie is comprised of several different directors, it is like a movie buffet wrapped up in one horror film. The craziest most outrageous creations you could possibly think of are magnified and converted into a short death film. Some deaths are so disturbing you just cannot look away. Just like any horror movie, this one is most enjoyed with friends because it'll give you something to laugh and talk about. 

The ABCs of Death is definitely not an easy movie to watch especially if you are a fan of secular horror or mildly gruesome special effects. It is also not for the faint of heart that prefer to keep their categories in the PG-13 range. Whether you like hardcore horror or morbid comedy, add The ABCs of Death to your movie list for a scary Halloween treat. 

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