One Direction

I think it’s been way too long since we’ve talked about One Direction. Sure, you can say that the band is officially over as their hiatus has gone into overtime, but nonetheless, they've contributed countless bangers to pop music. 

As a self-proclaimed diehard fan of 1D, I’ve got some opinions when it comes to their music. Here’s my take on their five albums ranked from worst to best with my favorite and least favorite tracks from each. Hopefully, my hot takes don’t cause too much of a stir amongst fellow directioners.

5. Up All Night (2011)

Stars: 3/5

This album is cute.  It was pop bubblegum realness, but we all know that the boys didn’t have much influence in making this album. As a tween in 2011, this album was everything, but now it’s a certified skip unless I’m feeling nostalgic. Also, not too happy with the fact that Niall and Louis are like background singers for Harry, Liam and Zayn. It did exactly what it was supposed to do as a debut album for a boyband, but it’s nowhere near the best by any means.

Hit: “I Want”

Miss: “Stole My Heart”

4. Made in the A.M. (2015)

Stars: 3.5/5

Ah, 1D’s final album. I think I liked this album more when I believed that they were going to come back from the hiatus to make more music. Let’s be honest, I think the band knew this hiatus was going to be more of a breakup. With that being said, you’d think this album would be revolutionary, but it’s really not that amazing. Sure, there are some absolute bops, but I can tell that they were getting burned out with the boyband life by 2015. This is also the album without Zayn, and you can definitely tell that the music is missing that little spark that his vocals brought to the harmonies. 

Hit: “Walking in the Wind”

Miss: “Long Way Down”

3. Four (2014)

Stars: 3.8/5

This album takes me back to my high school days, but that can be a good thing or a bad thing. I anticipated this album so much. If I would’ve known that this was the last album with Zayn, I would’ve appreciated it so much more at the time. This album is like an end of an era. It’s the last time we heard Zayn’s voice harmonizing with the four others. I know this is a fan-favorite album, but it’s not my favorite. This era had good music, but it was also full of some of the worst style choices for the boys. Liam with a shaved head and Harry in headscarves? No thanks.

Hit: “Stockholm Syndrome”

Miss: “Illusion”

2. Take Me Home (2012)

Stars: 4.3/5  

Take Me Home? More like take me back to junior high. This was such a good era for the band. When you think of One Direction, you most likely think of them as the teenage boys who put out this album. In my opinion, this album is the epitome of boyband realness. I would legitimately give anything to have seen them when they toured for this album. I feel like it was impossible to not know who One Direction was in 2012, and it was equally impossible not to be a fan of their music. I’d go back to this era in a heartbeat.

Hit: “Over Again”

Miss: “Still The One"

1. "Midnight Memories" (2013)

Stars: 5/5

I may be a little partial to this album because I really got into One Direction shortly after its release. This is the One Direction era to end all One Direction eras. It was edgy and cool. By this time the boys completely changed their styles from cute heartthrobs to adorable bad boy wannabes, and I was so there for it. I feel like this was the album that made their careers shift. I think they finally found their voices on this album, and you can tell the boys had more of an influence on the music they were making. I love love love this album.

Hit: “Happily”

Miss: “Don’t Forget Where You Belong”

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