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LSU students study on Tuesday Feb. 11, 2020 in Patrick F. Taylor Hall.

Remote learning is just another obstacle to deal with during the pandemic. It’s a new way of learning that I’ve never done before, so it was difficult at first during the lockdown. But, I was able to adapt to online learning as time went on.

It’s going to take some time to get used to the start of the school year because we haven’t been in an in-class setting since March. We have tackled many obstacles in college, and this is one of them. If you’re a freshman, then this is the start of new challenges.

However, you’re not alone. Here are some tips I use to be successful and productive for my online classes:

1. Get out of bed

This was the hardest for me because I thought staying in bed would not be an issue, but it was. It was easier for me to close my laptop and take a nap after finishing one assignment. It wasn’t a productive way to do work, and it slowed me down.

Getting out of bed helps so much that it’s now part of my routine. The next step ties with this, but it’s helpful to create a space that will increase comfort and productivity. It’s not fun having to do work at midnight because of the distractions of being in bed.

2. Choosing the right study space

A nice, comfortable space helped my productivity. I sit at my desk and play music while doing assignments. I find it easier to stay awake and finish my work early. There was hardly any distractions, and I don’t feel obligated to take a nap as I did when I was studying in bed.

A nice candle, essential oil or incense can also add to the environment. It doesn’t hurt to have a nice aroma. Some students probably already do this but dress comfortably. There’s nothing wrong with wearing pajama pants while attending an online lecture. It’s better to focus when you’re in an environment that you’re comfortable in.

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3. Plan ahead

My biggest enemy is procrastination. Setting aside work for hours does not contribute to anything good. It’s also sad to find out that the assignment only took a few minutes to do after you’ve been procrastinating all day.

Choose a day and put together all of your assignments, lectures, quizzes and exams on a calendar. It’s productive to do the easier assignments in one day, and I spend the majority of my time on bigger assignments and preparing for exams.

It’s a relief to have nothing to do on Sunday night because all my assignments were completed on Thursday.

4. Write your notes

Professors usually don’t post their PowerPoints, but with the situation that we are in, some professors will share recorded lectures or slides. It may feel like a relief to not have to go to class, but it’s still a good idea to write notes.

I don’t retain information by only looking at the PowerPoint. I have to actively study to be able to learn and prepare for exams. Sometimes it’s better to not take the shortcut. It’s hard to actively study on recorded lectures, but there are ways to do it.

Handwriting notes is something I firmly standby, and I use handwritten notes in the majority of my classes. It’s a great way to actively learn when your professor only posts recorded lectures or a PowerPoint.

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