Everything came to a dramatic stop when lockdown began in March. A majority businesses were closed except for essentials. Everyone logged onto their phones and turned on the TV to pass the time. Streaming services took a huge chunk out of my day because there was nothing else to do. 

Production companies saw this dramatic change when their productions were shut down. Movies couldn't be released in closed movie theaters , and some people still won't go to theaters after the lockdown. The best solution is streaming services. 

Disney+, Netflix, Apple TV+ and HBO Max are some of the streaming services who have movies that didn't see a theater release.

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"Mulan" was going to be released in theaters, but it was eventually showed on Disney+. "Soul" was also supposed to be release in theaters, but it will be on Disney+ on Christmas. "Artemis Fowl" was going to be released in May, but it went straight to Disney+ instead. 

HBO Max also followed suit. "Scoob!", "The Witches" and "An American Pickle" were just a few movies that went straight to digital. Tom Hank's "Greyhound" was released on Apple TV. "The Lovebirds" was also released on Netflix.

Witches 2020

What if this is our new normal? What if is this the downfall of movie theaters while the virus continues to spread? It's a dramatic change in the industry that could have permanent effects.

There are a lot more questions than answers on this topic. It will take time to see how movie theaters are going to adapt or how they won't be able to adapt. 

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AMC and Cinemark are taking big hits financially. Some movie chains are even reporting that they have lost more than $1 billion. Revenue is dropping for these movie theaters, and they're desperately waiting for repairment. 

It was a bleak future for movie theaters even before the coronavirus, and it's becoming bleaker as the virus continues. Although, they are reopening, they're still not making enough money. Employees as well as customers are hesitant to go back. 

The coronavirus has affected multiple industries, and everyone is questioning if another lockdown will come in the future. There are valid concerns when it comes to giving money to Americans and businesses, so they can survive through a future lockdown. 

I wouldn't doubt that movie theater chains are having that same conversation on how they can survive a future lockdown or how can they recover without a lockdown.

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