College can be many things, and being cheap is not one of them. Whether you’re decorating on a budget or trying to make the most of a small space, here are a few ways for college students to get innovative without putting a dent in their pockets.

1. Arrange your furniture strategically

No matter if you’re in a dorm or an apartment, space can be a highly-valued, but often limited, luxury. If you’re looking to amplify a small room, you can do so by simply rearranging furniture and using strategic decorating methods. 

The best way to create more accessible space is by moving your bed to the wall farthest from the door. This makes the room appear bigger while giving you more room to maneuver. 

For even more space, turn your bed into a daybed by pushing it against a wall longways and adding a few extra pillows. This creates more walkable space and sofa-like seating for guests. 

2. Create the illusion of vertical space

Create the illusion of higher ceilings by hanging your curtains about a foot or more above the actual window frame. Hang mirrors in entryways to brighten up any space and make an area appear bigger than it really is. With these simple tricks you can now have both space and style.

No money? No power tools? No Problem! Decorating your space can be easy and cheap with just a little bit of elbow grease and command strips. If you want to hang curtains to keep the light out, you can do so in less than five minutes with no tools. Simply use two or three command strips to hold your curtain rod in place, and you can hang curtains without creating holes or a hassle. 

3. Get creative with easy DIY projects


Make your own unique dry-erase board by buying an old picture frame from a thrift store. Paint the frame and insert a background of your choice. Then, you can write on the glass with dry-erase markers, creating a stylish and cheap alternative to any regular white board. 

Rugs can get pretty expensive for something you step on all day. Create a personalized shaggy rug on any flat mat by using old T-shirts. First, cut up about six or seven old shirts into two-inch pieces. Then, tie a knot in the center of each strip and hot glue each knot down in a row. Keep gluing row after row down until the entire mat is covered in t-shirts creating your own colorful rug.


The most important step in room decorating is getting inspired. There are many unique places with affordable prices in Baton Rouge waiting to be explored. Stores such as Here Today Gone Tomorrow and Goodwill on Burbank are filled with second-hand vases, glassware, decorations, and more all under five dollars. Hobby Lobby often has sales and coupons for up to 50% off retail price as well as a furniture section that is always 30% off.

Make your home away from home a little more comfortable this year by getting creative, spending less, and making the most of whatever space you have. 

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