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College students have a lot on their plates. Why should they take a whole day to clean and lose precious time? Cleaning just a little bit every day can be a huge stress relief. Here are some tips to keep your living space clean to avoid a disastrous mess. Or if you're already there, here are some cleaning to-dos before you leave for Thanksgiving.

  1. Throw away your trash quickly

Snacks and drinks should always be thrown away as soon as they are finished. By leaving empty containers on desks and countertops you are creating a larger array of items you have to work around and that you will inevitably throw away later. 

  1. Make your bed

This task may be simple, but it is crucial for a better mindset. Not only does it make your room look more organized, it also helps you avoid misplacing things under sheets and blankets. This can alleviate stress for those who often lose their phone or charger only to find it under a pile of blankets and pillows. 

  1. Do the dishes

Whether you're cooking a full meal or a light snack, it's important to pick up the dishes afterward. No one wants to spend a prolonged period of time washing plates and forks. So, instead, just take a moment and wash them after you use them.

  1. Wash and fold your clothes

Do not re-wear dirty clothes. And, although leaving clothes in the laundry basket after washing is tempting, putting clothes away right away declutters your space and makes picking out an outfit the next day much easier. 

  1. Clean the bathroom

This task usually does occur in one day, but it does not have to. If you have five minutes to spare, clean one surface in the bathroom. The bathroom can be a very disgusting place so staying on top of keeping it clean can prevent the spread of germs. 

  1. Sweep

Sweeping can often go unnoticed for a few days, but after a while, dust begins to accumulate. Not only dust, the crumbs from the last time you had Canes, the hair from your hairbrush, the eraser shavings from your pencil. These little things are barely noticeable in a small volume, but after a certain point, they cannot be avoided. 

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