Cocktails no longer have to be an expensive, two-limit luxury on a night out. Imagine being able to enjoy and provide rounds of drinks to friends all for the price of one. With Leisuremann’s Cocktail Mixes you can now take cocktail mixes with you.

Leisuremann’s is a brand of all-natural, portable and reusable cocktail beverage mixes that make having a drink affordable and fast. The three step process is as easy as mixing water, a spirit of choice and Leisuremann’s together to make classic drinks such as an old fashioned or a margarita.

Business and life partners Clifford Couvillon and Michaella Occhipinti are the owners and designers of Leisuremann’s Cocktail Mixes. In 2016, the company introduced its very first flavor, the old fashioned. The commonly favored drink was a combination of bitters, simple syrup and orange. The idea came from a hiking trip in which Couvillon and his friends found themselves with five bottles of bourbon and no mixers.

“We started the business out of necessity,” Couvillon said. “During that trip we put together some orange drink mix and old bitters that we found to make a primitive old fashioned.”

After concocting their very first version of a portable cocktail mix, Couvillon decided this invention could be useful to other cocktail lovers as well. Soon after Leisuremann’s released its old fashioned mix, the response and consumption was so great they decided to create more

flavors. The company now offers many mixer flavors such as the original, classic daiquiri, margarita, bee’s knees, cosmopolitan, the gold rush and its newest addition — bloody mary.

Whether you’re on the beach, at a festival, on an airplane, or at a football game, Leisuremann’s Cocktail Mixes turn any occasion into an event. Each jar of cocktail mix can make about ten drinks for around $12. Instructions and serving sizes for the ideal cocktail are included with each jar.

Leisuremann’s recently added single serving cocktail mix packets to its collection. The disposable, pre-measured pouches are a one-and-done way to create cocktails. So if the jars weren’t simple enough, then these pouches are fool-proof. You can now try every flavor with the single serving packets or mix and match your favorite flavors. Even if you don’t drink alcohol, Leisuremann’s makes a great addition to iced teas, mocktails and virgin cocktails.

“We’re all about promoting classic cocktails, going on adventures and enjoying our mixes wherever you go,” Couvillon said.

Leisuremann’s isn’t just about making easy, affordable drinks, it’s about the experience. Couvillon created his company to encourage cocktail lovers to share a cocktail with someone else and create a bond over a drink. Cocktail mixes are available online at or at local Baton Rouge markets such as the Mid City Makers Market. You can follow them on Instagram @Leisuremanns for updates on products and whereabouts.

“We’re a unique cocktail experience with products that you wouldn’t find anywhere else,” Cuvillon said. “We encourage everyone who tries our products to go out, travel, and enjoy a cocktail while you’re at it.”

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