Holiday lights

Ah, the Christmas season is finally approaching, and, after this year, we need all the glee and cheer we can get. Here in Baton Rouge, the celebration is in full swing.

Baton Rouge General will be continuing the annual “Holiday Lights” on their lawn at the corner of Bluebonnet Blvd and Picardy Ave. The holiday fun will begin on November 20 and will be open till New Year’s Eve from 5:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. However, due to obvious reasons new precautions will be put into place to in order keep everyone safe for the holidays.

The extravagant light display has over 1000,000 lights, a 40-foot-tall tree, 25 feet singing trees and life size ornaments. Masks are required as well as social distancing. Drinks and beverages are not encouraged. Sanitizing stations will be present and a limit to capacity is in place. If you or your friends and family would prefer a safer option, the lights can be viewed from the car.

Sadly, the big family nights with Santa, snow and the food truck will be cancelled, Vice President of Marketing and Communications at BRG Meghan Parrish reported. The event is free, and parking will be on site.

Although this is still fun to look forward to, COVID-19 has lessened the holiday cheer by smidge, but Louisiana State University student Victoria Cano stays hopeful.

“I’m glad that people are continuing their traditions through this tough time,” Cano said. “Corona is a real thing, but we shouldn’t get rid of all public activities. I know that some people are going to be frustrated with the restrictions and precautions put in place, but if that means we can continue moving in the right direction of returning to our lives how we were pre-corona, then I’ll definitely listen to the rules that will keep us safe and healthy.”

Despite the circumstances, the holiday season can still be fun and enjoyable. Remaining safe is still very important; therefore, if you, your friends or family feel under the weather, please be sure to take the precautions to keep you and others safe. Wear your mask and try to social distance so you can make the best of this crazy year.

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