FX artists Baylee McInerney and Ingrid Victoria create ghoulishly glam makeup looks perfect for Halloween.

McInerney is a 24-year-old nursing student attending Nunez Community College. The New Orleans native got her professional makeup license at the Voodoo Makeup & About Face Makeup School. There she learned about sanitation and how to work with different facial structures.

The artist specializes in everything from bridal to special effects makeup. She has worked various events including New Orleans Fashion Week and LA Fashion Magazine Fashion Show in Los Angeles.

“Once I did like a band and then I went there and made them all into like vampires and they performed at an after show of Voodoo so that was cool,” McInerney said. “I did that and then I also did a bunch of girls and they all dressed up as different ‘Beetlejuice’ characters,”

Victoria, also a New Orleans native, has worked with costumes and makeup for as long as she can remember.

The 32-year-old started with costume design first and used to sew costumes for people and alter clothing. The artist still sews and makes costumes, but after getting makeup clients during Halloween she discovered she enjoyed doing more intricate looks.

“In college when I was making my own costumes, I also did my own makeup, but I started getting really good at fantasy makeup and that’s where my passion lies with fantasy, avant garde looks, really out the box artistic stuff,” Victoria said. “I love pushing the boundaries,”

Victoria also has lashes called Chimera Lashes which she designs herself.

Textile designing and 3D design work already came naturally to Victoria. The extravagant lashes she creates first came as a last-minute option at a photo shoot. The artist wanted her makeup to stand out and now she’s created her own line of lashes that help do exactly that.

“They’ve come a long way” Victoria said. “we’ve been doing it for three years and they’re in more than a dozen stores here. We’re slowly moving across the nation. They’re in a hand full of stores in New York, Austin and Detroit right now. We’re about to go to Atlanta for the IMATS makeup convention next month, so we’re slowing expanding and it’s fun.”

FX makeup is something many people wish to do for Halloween or just for fun, but don’t know where to start. McInerney advised to keep practicing even if your looks don’t turn out the way you planned, as well as practice on others.

“Also, take pictures of all of your work from the beginning so you can see how much you can grow as an artist,” McInerney said. “That was one thing that I was really glad that I did so I can look back now and see how far I’ve come with it.”

Victoria advised using reputable brands for FX looks, she also recommended using Ben Nye to do looks with easy prosthetics and a ripped-up skin effect.

“That and look up YouTube videos,” Victoria said. “I’m a visual learner and that’s kind of how I started so there’s a lot of information on YouTube,”

McInerney’s business has boomed recently. She likes how it gives her the flexibility to still be in nursing school while doing what she loves. McInerney finds it rewarding to be her own boss and help others feel better about themselves.

“That’s what I love the most about being a makeup artist,” McInerney said. “after I’m done them looking in the mirror and just seeing the huge smile on their face and just seeing their confidence boost immediately,” McInerney said.

She loves that she can do anything with FX makeup and experiment while having fun during Halloween.

“FX makeup is really cool to be able to step outside of your comfort zone, the norm and reality of everything that’s go going on in the world and just kind of take a break and have fun,” McInerney said. “I get to take out my bottle fake blood, liquid latex, and scar wax and just create whatever I want, however I want,” McInerney said. “It’s my favorite time of year and I hope people can look at my work and get in the Halloween spirit as well.”

Victoria also loves how makeup allows her to be creative and express herself through her art.

“You could do a natural beauty look, you could do glam and then you could get crazy and do a ripped-up skin effect and go full out fantasy, which that’s the stuff I love of course,” Victoria said. “Knowing that makeup knows no bounds I think is really why I gravitated toward it, it’s just very transformative and however you feel inside, your face is the canvas you can kind of just make yourself up however you want to feel and then totally feel it from the inside out.”

Both of these artists can do natural, glam and FX looks and are available to book appointments.

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