It is time for another lesson about Louisiana culture. If you're not from Louisiana, this guide will help you through our multiple seafood seasons throughout the year. 

Louisiana is famously known for its seafood, and our dishes are always unique and delicious. From raw oysters to boiled crawfish, it is important to check up on what is in season. It is also great to be informed about what is in season to see which restaurants are catering to that. 

Crawfish Season

Crawfish season is one of my favorite seasons of the year because it falls during Mardi Gras. Boiled crawfish is a great way to bring people together, but we sadly cannot do that this year. But, the crawfish is still delicious as ever. 

Also, people boil their crawfish in different ways, so you will never taste the same batch of crawfish. People also have different techniques on how to peel it too. We mean serious business when it comes to our crawfish. 

Crawfish season usually starts in January and ends in June. 

Crab Season

From seafood gumbo to boiled crabs, crab season is another time of the year that I look forward to. These pinching critters are great for adding into any dish. Boiled crabs are delicious, but you can also make crab cakes if you're looking for something new to cook. 

Crab season starts in March and ends in June. 

Shrimp Season

Shrimp is also another ingredient found in many Louisiana dishes. Shrimp is usually quick to cook, and it can be added in po'boys and etouffees. Also, you can simply boil shrimp. As you can see, we boil a lot of seafood in Louisiana. If the seasoning is right, eating boiled seafood is always a good time. We also fry a lot of seafood, and fried shrimp has to be one of my favorites. 

Shrimp season starts in April and ends in November. 

Oyster Season

Oysters are another famous seafood in Louisiana. You can charbroil it, fry it or eat it raw. Oysters can be a simple dish that turns into a blast of flavor. It’s simple to eat and will make any stomach happy, unless your stomach can’t really handle raw oysters. 

Oysters are available year-round, but their prime season is October through April.  

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