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The University’s alumna Lindsey Duga’s dreams are packaged neatly in bookstores and book fairs. As a 2012 advertising graduate, she has two young adult books and one middle-grade book published during Scholastic’s 100th year anniversary. The publishing, education and media company is best known for its book fairs. Her dreams have come true, but she will not
stop there.

Duga started writing her first young adult book while studying at LSU. She later earned her advertising degree from the Manship School of Mass Communication. Since 2018, Duga has had three books published, and she said she is writing more.

Duga’s “The Haunting” is now available on Scholastic’s website. Her second Scholastic book, “Ghost in the Headlights,” is scheduled to release in
spring 2021.

In an interview with students in the Journalism Building on Feb. 12, she talked about her writing process. Writing time was used as a treat for herself during her studies at LSU.

“As a college student, I think my personal care and my escape was my writing,” Duga said.

She now writes on a schedule set around her account director role with Gatorworks.

Gatorworks is a Baton Rouge digital marketing agency. Duga previously worked for the company as an executive assistant, project manager and account manager. She feels financially secure and emotionally supported as Gatorworks and her authorship support each other.

“I’ve been there for seven years,” Duga said. “They’ve always been just very supporting about [my writing] because I’ve proved that I can do both and it not affect one role or the other.”

In addition to her job at Gatorworks, Duga also spends up to 20 hours a week writing fiction.

Her first Scholastic book was published on Feb. 4. Duga recounted the excitement children feel going to Scholastic’s book fairs and the pride authors feel providing content for such events.

“That’s the dream for a lot of authors. And it was definitely my dream because my book is now next to Goosebumps on those flyers and it’s very very cool,”
Duga said.

Duga’s favorite parts about being an author are the opportunities to speak at schools and visit book fairs. Both activities are time-consuming, but she
enjoys connecting with children and her fans. She plans to
continue working with Gatorworks while furthering her writing career.
“If you love something, you’ll find a way to make it work,” Duga said.

Duga originally created fantasy worlds for her readers to find their escape. She now lives the dream with them, fighting difficult battles, casting magical spells and finding true happiness.

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