Bread has been a staple for many years from ancient Greece to endless bread sticks at Olive Garden. Now, fresh-baked artisan bread and pastries can be found right here in Baton Rouge.

Moeko Glynn is the owner of Maru Bread Company. Glynn moved to Baton Rouge in 2011. She did not know many people in town and started baking to kill time. She hasn’t stopped since then. Glynn liked cooking and baking, but she never baked bread before 2011.

Glynn has been baking for eight years, but her friend introduced her to the organizers of MidCity Makers Market in 2017. Her hobby turned into a business.

“I always wanted to do what I love to do for a living,” Glynn said. “I think I found what I want to do for the rest of my life. It might change, but at least for now, baking is what I love to do most.”

Glynn’s most popular pastries are sourdough bread and croissants, but she also mentioned how her career plans might change in the future. Glynn loves baking and wants to continue to do it in the future.

“It’s something that you can enjoy at the moment and leave nothing behind besides memories,” Glynn said.”I like making something that gives people joy and leave them only memories, not substance, so baking is perfect for me.”

Glynn usually does pop ups three times a month on Saturdays at 605 Ingleside Dr. She also brings croissants and bagels to Rêve Coffee at White Star Market every Tuesday and Friday.

“I also want to collaborate with restaurants, cafes or any kind of people who are interested in my bread sometimes besides doing pop-ups,” Glynn said. “I like making, especially, sourdough bread, so it would be fun if sourdough enthusiasts get together and bring their homemade breads and share their knowledge and experiences with other people.”

Glynn’s passion and love for baking can be seen through designs that on her pastries and can be tasted at her pop-ups or at Rêve Coffee.

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