mm 9.14.2020

Here in the Reveille Entertainment section, we listen to nothing but the hits.

I love sharing my music and finding out what my friends have been listening to. It’s a great way to discover new artists and get a little out of your comfort zone with what you might normally listen to.

A few Reveille Entertainment writers have shared what they have been jamming out to lately, and we put it all in one playlist for you to discover some new music as well. 

Personally, I’ve been listening to all the new The Neighbourhood tracks from their upcoming album “Chip Chrome & The Mono-Tones.” I’ve also really been loving the new Troye Sivan EP “In A Dream,” and I haven’t been able to stop listening to Conan Gray’s album “Kid Krow” that came out earlier this year. 

I’ve been listening to 'Call The Dogs Out' by The Garden, 'Ferrari' by Alice Gas and 'The Difference' by Flume and Toro y Moi on repeat. To me, it shows how music has such a big range, and I have a lot more to discover.”

- Britney Young 

“I listen to a lot of music. Some of the songs on my Spotify Repeat include Tamino (loved everything by him ever since I watched his NPR performance), Purity Ring's ‘Dust Hymn,’ Charli XCX's latest album, Hoody's debut album, ‘Departure,’ and, of course, Lorde!

- Ariel Baise 

“I’ve been listening to lots of Hippo Campus. I actually recently got a message on Spotify that I’m in the top 1% of their listeners, which makes me really cool. Caamp is also great for a folksy rock feel. 'Pull it Together' and 'Hands Down' by The Greeting Committee have gotten me interested in them. Winnetka Bowling League is my most recent rabbit hole.” 

- Taner Morgan 

“Lately, I’ve been really missing going to concerts, so I’ve been listening to some of my favorite artists that I’ve seen perform like Billy Joel, Elton John and Queen.”

- Whitney Hicks

"I’ve been listening to a lot of Harry Styles lately, especially 'Lights Up' and 'Sunflower Vol. 6.' I’ve also been really into Post Malone lately, especially songs he’s been featured in like 'Tap In' and 'Tommy Lee.' I've also played Billy Joel’s The Stranger album on my record player so many times since I’ve come back to BR."

- Olivia Deffes 

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