Joe's Grill

Joe's Grill, located at 209 W State Street. Courtesy Joe's Grill

With the grand opening of Joe’s Grill taking over for the old Louie’s Cafe building, a brand new spot for homestyle cuisine is introduced to West State Street.

The new establishment owned by Lekiedra Coleman is a bar and lounge with a comfortable atmosphere and a variety of foods to choose from, including soul food inspired dishes. Whether it be happy hour, karaoke night or taco Tuesday, each day there is something brand new to celebrate at Joe’s Grill. 

For Lekiedra Coleman, Joe’s Grill is more than just a business investment. It is a part of her family as a tribute to her son, Joe. 

Upon losing her 17-year-old son in March to gun violence, Coleman took the opportunity to open up Joe’s Grill in order to pass on Joe’s creativity that he had in the kitchen. Coleman opens up and mentions Joe’s passion for cooking. 

“He used to always be in the kitchen with me. His favorite thing to make was hamburgers,” she told WBRZ.

Joe can be found everywhere in the restaurant. His face is the logo that is found right outside of the building as well as on every menu, and his cooking techniques are being honored in the kitchen that he cannot be a part of. 

“The restaurant motivates me. It reminds me so much of him, the colors, the burgers. We make my burgers just like he made them, 100-percent ground beef,” Coleman said.

Alongside a great menu including Joe’s homestyle burgers, sliders, wings, and even seafood platters, the staff found at Joe’s Grill is also something to make a note of for their efforts of hosting and trying to create a great atmosphere for everyone. 

Everyone’s contribution towards honoring a grieving mother’s hopes of keeping her son alive through the beauty of food is something that Joe’s Grill has achieved so far and can hopefully maintain for years to come.

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