The date night go-to, the place to go with friends, an escape or a place to work at are one of the many reasons to go to the movie theater. Drenching popcorn in butter and unapologetically buying overpriced snacks can be the wave, but which theater do you go to? Baton Rouge has three big theaters in the area, and here's some pros and cons to look into before you reserve your tickets.

Movie Tavern 


  • It's the closest theater from campus.
  • If you want a movie and dinner together, this is the place to go. 
  • Recliner seats
  • $5 tickets on Tuesdays with complementary popcorn.
  • $6 tickets for students on Thursdays with complementary popcorn. 
  • You can reserve spots online. 


  • Meals are too expensive.
  • There might be a slight noise level from those eating around you. 

AMC Mall of Louisiana


  • Recliner seats
  • It's next to the mall if you need to go shopping.
  • Big parking lot 
  • You can reserve spots online. 


  • Only members can get discounts.
  • It's further from campus. 
  • Can be confused with the AMC that's located on O'Neal Ln., about 40 minutes away from campus 



  • They have $5 tickets on Tuesdays.
  • They're close to multiple restaurants if you want to eat before or after the movie. 
  • Also, they're close to multiple clothing stores. 
  • Recliner seats, and I think they're a little bigger than the other places. 
  • They also show older movies on certain days, so your favorite movie may be on the big screen again. 
  • The interior is better.
  • Free parking 


  • It's further from campus.
  • Traffic is usually hectic in that area. 

Overall, these movie theaters have their strengths and weaknesses. I think depending on what your mood is determines which theater is the best. 

If you're willing to spend a lot of money, Movie Tavern is the place to go if you want to have dinner while watching a movie. I recommend going on the discount days so the price at the end won't cause that much of a dent in your pocket. If you want to find somewhere that is closest to campus, pick Movie Tavern.

If you like the atmosphere of places, Cinemark is the best. You're surrounded by cool restaurants or shopping stores. You're also not far from the mall. It's quite a drive, but it'll be worth it at the end. If the movie you want to see is highly anticipated, make sure to reserve seats ahead of time because they will sell out. 

AMC is only good if you spontaneously wanted to watch a movie, and you're leaving the mall. I don't have much to say about it because it's like any other movie theater. Overall, it is a good place to go for last-minute decisions when all the seats at the other theaters are filled up. 

Each experience will be different. Some may like one place more than another, and that's alright. Just look at what these theaters have to offer, and choose what's best for the situation that you're in. At the end of the day, you're still going to see a movie and be buttered up with popcorn. 

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