Long Exposures

Herget and Miller Halls sit across Campus Lake on Saturday, Oct. 9, 2021, in Baton Rouge, La.

As the end of the semester quickly approaches and finals loom over our heads, anxiety is in full swing around campus. Dreams of winter break drain students of motivation but do not worry, there are plenty of things you can do when laziness strikes.

Going to LSU is a blessing since there are so many outdoor areas to explore while taking a break from studying. Taking a walk around the lakes is a great way to remove yourself from your indoor cave. Getting your blood pumping and having a breath of fresh air allows your brain to reset after long hours of staring at your notes or a computer screen. The lakes are 3.9 miles, so if taking that long walk isn’t what you’re looking for, just walking up and down the sorority row can suffice.

Gas prices have been high, but a short drive with your favorite friends is worth the loss of a few miles. Having time to talk about anything other than school gives your brain time to decompress from all the stress. Psychology and marketing sophomore Lily Ray said she loves going to sonic with her friends as a study break.

“Surrounding myself with people who uplift me and make me feel calm and happy really helps,” said Ray.

Not everyone has access to a bathtub, especially if you live in a dorm, but taking a bath is really helpful. Enhancing your bath is always fun when adding in scented Epsom salts. Walmart sells Dr. Teals for $4.87, which is a cheap option for an on a budget college student. They have scents like lavender and eucalyptus. Dr. Teals sells Melatonin Sleep Soak with essential oils, which would be great to use while unwinding after a day of stress.

There are endless possibilities of what to do when unwinding from the stress of finals. Just remember you are not defined by your grade; take some breaks and do your best.

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