“At last, something we can all agree on.”

That’s what a happy customer told ‘No One Likes Alabama’ owner James Osborn. It wasn’t football season, but the fan captured how Tiger fans feel toward our rival.

Born in Spain, Osborn spent most of his life in Florida but has lived in Louisiana for nearly 20 years. He’s worked across the world, but it brought him to the Pelican State.

Although Osborn attended Florida State University and The University of South Alabama, he’s found it easy to embrace Louisiana’s football culture. Like many, Osborn realized that no one does college football like LSU.

“It’s a great capital city. You have great food, great people, just a great passion for football,” Osborn said. “I mean, it almost sounds cliché, but that’s what makes LSU and LSU Football so great for friends, family and fans.”

His love for the city and its atmosphere helped him create his clothing line NOLA. Like most good things, the name that plays homage to the state was created by coincidence.

While sitting at a bar that one of his friends in New Orleans owned at the time, someone drew NOLA and then later said, “No one likes Alabama.” They then wrote it on a piece of paper and put it up on a mirror, and the rest is history.

Osborn worked for several years to make the brand and came up with a perfect original design. The end result tied elements of Louisiana and of course the dislike of our greatest football rival, Alabama.

“It’s just a nice play on words because most people think it’s attached to New Orleans, Louisiana, and then they get a kick out of it when they actually read it,” Osborn said. It’s kind of fun for New Orleans, Louisiana and the Tigers, and it has so many different dynamics.”

Now, with Hate ‘Bama week in full effect, NOLA is a one-stop shop for spirit items for this weekend’s game.

NOLA offers tees, hats and more with the long sleeve classic t-shirt being the current hot ticket item. The unisex shirt comes in white and lavender and are made by Comfort Colors and Bella-Canvas for a soft and comfortable feel.

Party flags are another popular item Osborn sells to people across the country wanting to put them in their bars and party rooms.

It’s not too hard to sell LSU vs. Alabama items to Louisiana natives year-round, but Osborn does a lot of tailgating and uses word of mouth to promote his brand.

Osborn creates designs for the brand himself and runs the website and its social media accounts. The creator is always drawing, designing and tinkering. The result is fun and creative items for every SEC team.

“I’ve been in the clothing and retail industry for a long time, and I’ve seen what some companies do well and what they don’t do well, and I’ve just come up with something fun that I think can be marketed during the football season,” Osborn said. “Especially when LSU is no. 1 and Alabama is no. 2, I mean, that doesn’t hurt. It makes it more interesting,” he joked.

When asked who he thought would win Saturday’s big match up, Osborn had no problem choosing the Tigers.

“Oh, no contest, LSU. I think Alabama is nine and a half-point favorites, but I see LSU actually turning that around,” Osborn said. “They’re either going to win by seven or win by 10; I feel really good about that.”

NOLA apparel is perfect to wear to Alabama if you’re going to the game or to wear to your tailgates, watch parties and post-game celebrations this week and for the rest of the season.

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