COVID Classes

Students take notes Wednesday, Jan. 20, 2021 while social distancing in MC 2010 class in West Hall.

It’s time to start another academic year. Whether it’s your first year of college or your last, here are some back-to-school essentials that any LSU student will find useful.

  1. A Mask

Face masks are required for in-person classes this fall. You should always wear one properly, over the nose and mouth, when in buildings as some professors will turn you away from entering their class if you do not have one. My tip is to always keep extra masks on you to avoid getting to your class and finding out you are mask-less. Keep some cloth masks in your car or keep a pack of disposables in your backpack.

  1. A Water Bottle 

08/18/2015 Move In Day

Students and parents fight the rain to haul luggage into the dorms on Wednesday, Aug. 19, 2015, at Evangeline Hall.

I am guilty of always forgetting to grab a water bottle as I head out the door to go to campus. I found out Monday that an icy water bottle is definitely needed when walking from the stadium lot to class. The amount of water your body loses due to the heat and humidity combination makes a large water bottle a must on campus. It’s also important to bring one considering most of the water fountains on campus are out of order due to COVID-19. 

  1. A Rain Jacket or Umbrella

It may not rain in Death Valley, but it probably will when you’re walking to class—there is no drizzle in Louisiana. Out of the 50 states, only Hawaii (an island) has more rainfall than Louisiana. Always pack an umbrella or rain jacket even if it’s sunny outside when you leave because Louisiana weather is so unpredictable. Nothing is worse than getting drenched on your way to class or being stuck in a building because of pelting rain.

  1. Caffeine

Let’s face it: this year may be the first time we’ve had an in-person class in over two semesters. Being in the classroom means you can’t put your computer on your desk during a Zoom class and catch some extra Z’s. Getting a little caffeine before school will help you stay awake and engaged in class. Whether it’s an iced coffee from CC’s or a canned Celsius, we could all use a little extra energy to help us start the semester strong.

  1. A Planner and Colored Pens

Starting in-person classes again can get pretty overwhelming. You can’t really coast your way through classes like some did when they were online. A planner is a great way to stay on top of assignments and class schedules so that you don’t fall behind this semester. Try and stick to the routine of writing classes down. Even though assignments are in your Moodle calendar, you never know when they’ll sneak up on you.

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