The semester is coming to an end, and the holidays are coming in full force. Finals are a pain, and online shopping can be the worst especially for those trying to get a PlayStation 5. Stress can also manifest itself physically. We all have those annoying back pains and headaches when it comes to stressful times, but we need to take care of ourselves. 

Courtesy of Renew Pilates

Winter is usually a time to get warm and stay inside. During the holidays, it is also a time to eat a lot of yummy foods. No one can deny a delicious pie during Thanksgiving and Christmas, but we still need to be mindful of how we treat our bodies during this time. 

You can relieve that stress and take care of your body at Renew Pilates & Spa. Whitney Banks, owner of Renew, created this business to help people feel better about themselves. Banks is an LSU alumna, but she has been a massage therapist for 20 years. 

"When I went to LSU, I went to a massage and esthetics school, and it was always something that was close to my heart," Banks said. 

Her business offers Pilates, massages, facials and an infrared sauna. An infrared sauna uses dry heat at a cellular level for weight loss and detoxification.

Courtesy of Renew Pilates

Covid-19 has hit a lot of businesses, but Banks is still hopeful. She mentioned how it was hard at the beginning, but she had the mindset to make it through. In her studio, it's usually just herself and clients. Only two people are allowed at a time for Pilates classes making it intimate and small. Masks are also required. 

In the future, Banks is planning on doing specials and giveaways. 

"Everybody is so busy, running around and stressed. What Renew is all about is quieting your mind, sitting within yourself, escaping and relaxing from the stress in the world," Banks said. 

Renew Pilates & Spa is located at 711 Jefferson Highway in suite 7.

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