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Gov’t Taco is a cute, trendy taco restaurant in Baton Rouge. It is located at 5621 Government Street. It has a happy hour every day from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Its happy hour deals include food and drinks. The food deals are $2 off Taquitos, Yucca Vote and Mt. Clucksmore. The drink deals are half off the Speaker of the House margarita, draft beer, wine and Gov’t Issued Cocktails. 


Starting off with food I tried the Yucca Vote which is yucca fries with either a chimichurri sauce or Slap Ya Mama aioli. The yucca fries themselves were 100/10.

They tasted similar to a regular fry and were steak cut. If grease is something you’re trying to avoid this is the appetizer for you as these fries have basically no greasy flavor to them.

The sauces that came with the fries were lackluster. The Slap Ya Mama aioli was sweet with a slight bit of tang. It did not have as strong of a Slap Ya Mama flavoring to it as I was expecting it to have.

Dipping the fries in the sauce was alright. It made the sauce taste slightly better but still not something I would purchase again. If you’re into a sauce with mild flavoring and extremely mild spice, then this is the sauce for you.

The chimichurri sauce was right behind the Slap Ya Mama aioli. The sauce was the consistency of spinach artichoke dip and tasted like it as well. If you’ve ever had a chimichurri sauce, this is the complete opposite of that.

Dipping the fries into the sauce didn’t make it any better. The consistency of the two together didn’t mesh at all. 

The next food up are the Taquitos. Gov’t Taco’s taquitos come with either queso or salsa for dipping. Starting off with the sauce, the queso was average with a mild flavor and thicker consistency.

The taquitos were extremely crunchy and filled to the brim with meat. The combination of the queso and taquitos is something I could eat everyday and not get tired of. During happy hour this sharable is $3 and you get four taquitos and a hefty serving of queso. 


During happy hour at Gov’t Taco, it has many options for alcohol half off. Its margarita option, Speaker of the House margarita, is sweet with a bit of tang. There is a smokey flavoring to it, much like the rest of the things Gov’t Taco serves. The margarita is served on the rocks and isn’t too strong. 

All in all, Gov’t Taco is a place I’d go back mainly for their drinks not so much the food. They have good deals for happy hour but should add more food options during that time. 

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