So Help Me God!

Stars: 3.5/5

2 Chainz’s newly released album “So Help Me God!” is full of new unique beats. The 15-song album features Rick Ross, Skooly, Lil Uzi Vert, Chief Keef, Kevin Gates, Mulatto, Kayne West, Brent Faiyaz, Lil Duval, Lil Wayne and YoungBoy Never Broke Again.

The new album is similar to his last album dropped back last year titled “Rap or Go To The League.” This new album holds the same traits 2 Chainz usually has in his music which is unique beats, and lyrics about being the best, getting the best (women) and being rich. Personally, I feel this new album does not compare to his 2017 album “Pretty Girls Like Trap Music.”

I am a fan of 2 Chainz; however, sometimes his lyrics are a little offensive to women and can be a bit much. Yet, some of his singles make it to my playlists and I truly enjoy them. The one thing I will say about 2 Chainz is that he always has super creative lyrics and can be very clever, and for that I respect him as an artist.

In this album, I felt there was a lot of noise going on in most songs. It is kind of overwhelming. "Grey Area" the second song on the track, at first has a cool beat but then turns annoying. Also, the lyrics on this song most likely will not be loved by his female fans.

"Save Me" with YoungBoy, "Money Maker" with Lil Wayne and "Feel A Way" with Kayne West and Faiyaz are my top three favorite songs on the album. I enjoyed "Save Me" and "Feel A Way" because they both have a little singing going on in the rap-filled song. "Money Maker" was made by Lil Wayne with his ability to rap so well.

Yes, these are good songs, but I am sad that I do not favor any of the songs without a feature.

Another thing I do not completely favor, but this is a personal opinion, is how many songs are on the album. I feel when artists pack their albums with a ton of songs you can’t truly appreciated them all. With so many, it made me loose interest once I got toward the end of the album. When there are fewer songs I always seem to enjoy the album more because I am able to listen to them all in one car ride.  

Overall, the album is good, just not great. I’ve seen better days for 2 Chainz’s music but I’m sure his super fans will very much enjoy “So Help Me God!” 

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