Stars: 5/5

"Adventure Time" came to an end in 2018, but the show continues with a four-episode series on HBO Max. "Adventure Time" still has the charm and humor when it comes to the new spin-off that gives the beloved characters their own episodes. The new episode "Obsidian" features Marceline (Olivia Olson) and Princess Bubblegum (Hynden Walch) as they save Glass Kingdom. 

Glass Boy (Michaela Dietz) released Molto Larvo out of his cave when he was trying to fix his crack. To solve this issue, he sets out to find Marceline because she was the one who defeated Molto the first time. 

The episode reveals that Marceline and Princess Bubblegum are in fact a couple and living a cute, domestic life together. Old wounds are opened when Marceline, Princess Bubblegum and Glass Boy travel back to Glass Kingdom.

What I love about "Adventure Time" is that they discuss important topics with charm and a lot of care. Marceline is reminded of her childhood trauma and her past relationship issues with Princess Bubblegum. Also, Glass Boy is an outcast in Glass Kingdom because he's the only one with a visible crack. 

The episode had its moments where I teared up a little because of how sincere it was. The colorful and charismatic characters still face hardships, or they try to heal from those hardships that were inflicted on them. 

Animated shows are starting to become an interest of mine because of the amazing plots and the creation of unique characters. I did watch cartoons as a child but not like this. I am more aware of the plot, and it is insightful and eye-opening to watch as an adult. 

"Adventure Time" was a great introduction to this kind of storytelling, and they did not lose their flair with "Obsidian." We are reunited with old characters and introduced to new ones. It's like going back home after spending some time away. "Adventure Time" is still home. 

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