Stars: 4/5

R&B and rap have always been a great pair. With a smooth flow and a smooth vocalist, a song can be perfect. This type of pairing works perfectly on Brent Faiyaz's new single "Gravity," which features Tyler, The Creator.

Tyler, The Creator is already a star in the rap scene, but Faiyaz is rapidly growing to stardom. Faiyaz's last album, "F*ck The World," came out in 2020, and he is one of the most talked about R&B singers at this time. 

This song is super chill, and Faiyaz's soulful voice is a great addition to it. Tyler's verse is the cherry on top. It all comes together as a song with good vibes.

With each listen, it gets better. I had to play it a couple of times to truly appreciate it. From the production to lyrics, it is a solid song for Faiyaz and Tyler. Also, it is a joy to hear Steve Lacy's guitar work, another perfect addition. 

This song is a different sound from what Faiyaz put out on his last album. The song is more upbeat instead of melancholy. This single could signify a new sound that Faiyaz will be exploring in new projects. 

The song expresses Faiyaz's feelings toward a girl who is holding him down. He still likes her, but his rising stardom is not making it easy. The lyrics are not as serious as the ones in his last album and make sense for this type of song. 

"Gravity" is not the most outstanding song, but it is solid enough to be on an album and to be one of those songs to vibe out to. However, I would not call it my favorite song of all time.

But some songs do not need to be out there. It is good enough to be in one of those chill playlists for hang outs or studying.

Overall, the song is still a testament that R&B and rap are a perfect duo. It shows off Faiyaz's voice, and this song solidifies Tyler's creative and growing talent in rap. Both artists have a promising future in music even though they have already proved their talent. 

I was already introduced to Faiyaz months ago even though he has been in the industry for years, but this song made me want to go into more of his past projects and look forward to future ones. 

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