Bring It On anniversary

Stars: 4/5

Teen movies are my guilty pleasure. Nothing beats having snacks and watching cheesy drama. Sometimes, mindless entertainment is what I need to relax.

The best teen movies has to be “Bring It On.” The first three of the series are the best ones. The iconic original film came out 20 years ago. 

The intro to the movie will always be classic and something to remember. Honestly, everything about the movie is something to remember. 

It may just be a teen movie, but it does bring up an important topic when the squad meets the Clovers, a cheerleading squad from East Compton who confronts the Toros because their routines were stolen by them. This begins the main plot of the movie where the two squads will compete at the Nationals. 

This movie dabbles a little bit in privilege, race relations, cultural appropriation and socioeconomic class. It may be subtle, but it still has an impact. 

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“Bring It On“ has cheesy dialogue, but I don't mind it. It’s a decent teen movie that doesn’t make me cringe and turn off my laptop. It’s fun and enjoyable to watch. 

This movie started the ”Bring It On” franchise, and it's top tier. I don’t know if any other movie could have Kirsten Dunst and Gabrielle Union in it. It’s still relevant and watched by many. It's a  classic film to be known for ages. It’s the best one in the cheerleading cinematic universe. 

Although, the movie had outdated dialogue. Like any other movie or show in the 2000s, there’s going to be some cringey moments where you‘re glad that you didn’t live during that time. 

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Overall, “Bring It On” still stands, and it’s one of the best teen movies ever made. The acting wasn’t bad, and the overall plot was good. It may be mindless entertainment, but there’s a lesson in there to be learned. 

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