'Anniversary' Bryson Tiller

Stars: 4/5

Bryon Tiller finally drops an album on the anniversary of his 2015 project "Trapsoul," keeping his classic contemporary R&B signature sound.

The album, named "Anniversary," has 10 songs and one impressive Drake feature. I find shorter albums always have more songs I like, especially knowing Tiller loves to work hard on all of his work.

From the first song “Years Go By,” which is one of my favorites from the album, you hear Tiller’s signature vibe that reminds you of "Trapsoul" but has a fresh spin. The songs, just like the the ones of past, are half-rap and half-singing about women and his life.

Although people might complain that Tiller loves to keep his familiar tones, I find it more comforting that he continues to deliver exactly what fans what to hear from him.

This album gives a calmer ambience compared to his past albums, but there is nothing wrong with that. "Outta Time" featuring Drake is one of the album's top songs. Those two artists create the perfect in-your-feels song, and we all love those.

My other favorite songs from the album are "Sorrows" and "Next to You," both of which fit in perfectly with Tiller’s style. Only two of the songs on the album are explicit, which to me is impressive.

The album "Anniversary" dropped on the anniversary of "Trapsoul" is classic Tiller and gives meaning to all of his work. This project continues to showcase Tiller’s talent and gives fans exactly what they wanted.

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