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Stars: 5/5

The closest thing I will ever experience to a BTS concert right now was "MTV Unplugged Presents BTS." For 32 minutes, I could forget about the chaos in the world and listen to BTS sing with their angelic vocals and harmonies. The septet —J-Hope, Jin, Jimin, Jungkook, Suga, RM, and V— have taken over the world over the past few years. All for the right reasons: they put their all into their work and encourage positivity and self-love.

BTS saved MTV’s ratings and put a pause to its hours of replaying "Ridiculousness." However, "MTV Unplugged" is one of the most iconic shows in music history. I didn’t know they still aired "MTV Unplugged" because it was prominent in the ‘90s. When I heard BTS was performing, I knew it was something special.

Grammy nominated group BTS brought their own iteration of the iconic show and personalized it for their fans. They are also the first Korean act to headline "MTV: Unplugged." I enjoyed learning about the band’s writing process and their inspirations.

Surrounded by vintage game room pieces, the special opened with BTS performing "Telepathy." The band dressed in colorful outfits that matched the game room setting. After the band discussed how they wrote the song, they also acknowledged SUGA’s surgery and his recovery.

Next, BTS performed "Blue and Grey" my personal favorite from their latest album, "BE." This was the first time BTS performed the song. The set changed to a sunny, warm room with greenery surrounding the group. After the performance, V also gave a quick explanation of his writing process.

“The melody of the song is simple, so I paid closer to the delivering emotions through the lyrics,” he added.

The group covered Coldplay's "Fix on You" and displayed their harmonizing skills. Before announcing their final two songs, "Life Goes On" and "Dynamite" BTS expressed goodbyes and left a hopeful message for viewers.

The performance was overall relaxing. I personally was happy to see SUGA back, but I also loved how the whole show was genuine. The group expressed how honored they were to be performing on "MTV Unplugged." I was shocked because I was thinking about how they spoke at the UN and received the Order of Cultural Merit in Korea. MTV needs BTS. 

BTS brings the aesthetic, the talent and the passion every time. Everything they do is so meticulously great. Each member has a moment to shine. They use literary devices and tell stories in their music. There is a BTS Universe based on their music videos and concepts. My bias is showing, but BTS is phenomenal. I wish more people were more open to them.

The only problem I had with this program is how short it was. BTS is helping MTV because all MTV does is show "Ridiculousness." I wanted more BTS. No one wants to see "Ridiculousness" for the millionth time. Please explain to me how I went from a calm, assuring BTS performance, to watching a waffle maker fart. I didn’t get a few seconds to reflect and on the amazing performance I just witnessed because once BTS said "Bye," MTV said back to "Ridiculousness."

But BTS on 'MTV Unplugged' was a joy to watch. I’m glad that BTS was the performer to kick off this season. I hope that MTV hopefully goes back to being Music Television because they need to invest their time and money into music more.

Check out the full performance here.

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