chloe halle

Stars: 5/5

Superstar sister vocalist duo Chloe x Halle are the queens of 2020.

Chloe and Halle Bailey are a triple threat, not only being great singers and dancers but actors as well. They started acting at a young age and appeared in Disney’s musical “Let It Shine.” They currently star in the popular show “Grown-ish.”

Their music careers really took off when Beyoncé signed them to her record label Parkwood Entertainment.

I became an official Chloe x Halle stan after their 2018 MTV Movie & TV Awards performance of their songs “Warrior” and “The Kids are Alright.” Two years later they still give some of the best performances I’ve ever seen even during the pandemic. 

The girls always put on a good show, and their new album ‘Ungodly Hour’ has great songs to display. Their remote performances for the BET Awards, TODAY show and The Global Goal Concert show their talent regardless of the setting and situation. 

The lights, the outfits, the vocals, the dance moves, the stage presence: Chloe x Halle have proved within this new era of their career that they’re a force to be reckoned with.

I’ve been listening to the album non-stop since its release on June 3, and it’s still just as good every time.

The album starts off with the girls' angelic voices and harmonies on Intro, leading flawlessly into their break up anthem “Forgive Me.” This is an empowering song for the duo and one of my favorites from the album.

Speaking of empowering songs for the girls, following “Forgive Me” is “Baby Girl,” another inspiring song specifically to hype up all the girls out there and encourage them to be confident and love themselves. 

Next is the song of the summer “Do It,” a song impossible not to dance and have fun to. This song has taken over Tik Tok and is always one they slay performing. 

Another one of my favorites is “Tipsy,” partially for the shout out to my city of New Orleans in the beginning of the track. The album-titled track “Ungodly Hour” is such a good R&B song with summer vibes and a catchy chorus.

Songs like “Busy Boy” show just how much the girls have grown up with more mature lyrics. “That's why, the nice guys they will always last. That's why, the playboys always finish fast,” is just an example of the more grown-up side we see from the girls on this album. 

On the duo’s previous album “The Kids Are Alright” they told listeners to watch out, but I don’t think anyone was ready for how grown they became for this album.

The second part of the album has fun party song “Catch Up” featuring Swae Lee and Mike WiLL Made-it.  

“Overwhelmed” and “Lonely” follow the “Catch Up” and shift the focus of the album a bit. The girls aren’t shy from discussing mental health and female empowerment in their music, and it’s cool to still hear them sing about these important topics while growing and evolving.

The sisters continue to show growth with “Don’t Make It Harder On Me,” a soulful song about a complicated relationship, followed by "Wonder What She Thinks of Me,” a simpler yet beautiful song with emotional lyrics. The album finishes strong with inspirational song “ROYL.”

I have a feeling I’m going to keep coming back to this album even as Chloe and Halle continue to make more hits. It’s effortlessly timeless and fresh — just what we needed to survive 2020.

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