Doja Cat

Stars: 4.5/5 

I usually don't watch music videos, but you can see an artist's vision for their song through them. The Weeknd did a terrific job on his music videos for his last album, so that made me want to see more from other artists. Doja Cat answered that call.

"Streets" is already an R&B hit, and it shows how Doja Cat can be more than a rapper. It's an amazing and sultry song, and the video perfectly complements it. 

In the music video, Doja Cat shows us that she can tell a story. It feels like we are in reality, but we quickly realize that we are in a fantasy world. We are dealing with vampires and spiders. Spooky. 

Doja Cat wants the taxi driver to herself, so she traps him in her spiderweb. This video exemplifies Doja Cat using her sexuality to charm and catch someone that she desires. Although, the couple looks empty when they are together. 

Doja Cat did a great job with the music video. We can clearly see her vision for this song and her thoughts on relationships. It was a short story with an insightful message. 

It just shows how an obsessive love isn't a good one.

The music video was so good. When I heard there was a new remix of the song, I was eager to hear it. I also love house music and Disclosure, so I quickly went to Spotify when I saw that it was released. It's super chill, but it is also a danceable remix. I would not be opposed to hear this for those party nights post-COVID.

Summer is approaching, and I am anticipating what new music will come out. We all remember our summer classics, but there is always room for new ones. This is why Disclosure's remix of "Streets" by Doja Cat will be my new summer classic. 

The song is refreshing and releases us from a suffocating, hot summer. Disclosure knows how to make a good remix, and they are always reliable.

Disclosure completely transformed the song from a sultry bop to a runway hit. Although, the remix is still sultry but in Disclosure's style. I love remixes because of the way they can change a song and show a different perspective. 

A remix and music video can't be compared, but when you watch the music video, it is clear that Disclosure had a different take on the song. It doesn't fit with the music video, but it shows that one song can be created into different forms. 

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