Dua and Elton

Stars: 5/5

Elton John and Dua Lipa may be the duo we never knew we needed. After the two performed together at John's annual Oscars party to benefit HIV patients, it's all I've been thinking about. 

The pop icon pair performed two songs: John's "Bennie and the Jets" and Lipa's "Love Again." During Lipa's song, it was obvious that John may be a secret Dua Lipa super fan. Before his part in the duet, he was smiling and having a great time playing the piano for the track. John was caught mouthing the words as Lipa sang and didn't miss a beat when it was his turn to sing "Love Again."

Probably the most iconic performance the two gave was their duet of John's "Bennie and the Jets." The song started with just John on piano singing his classic tune then Lipa descended down the stairs in a stunning sliver dress to pick up her part. The pair seems a little unlikely, but Lipa's soft vocals paired well with John's gravely tone. 

I really enjoyed both performances, but I think I liked their rendition of "Bennie and the Jets" a little bit more. I hope that by Lipa singing it the original song will gain some popularity among a younger audience. We've seen this before with Miley Cyrus covering Blondie and "Dreams" by Fleetwood Mac blowing up on TikTok so I wouldn't be surprised if "Bennie and the Jets" starts charting again. 

Despite his age, I think Elton John's still got it so I loved his performance in both songs. He still plays the piano perfectly and you can tell that he hasn't lost that spark for music. He's one of those forever icons and I love how he joined forces with a current icon like Lipa for this event. 

Overall, I think that John and Lipa should pull a Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett move and release a small album. I think that would be really cool for both artists. It'd give John an opportunity to gain popularity with a younger crowd and allow Lipa to show her talents to John's fans. Sure, the pairing of these two singers was a little weird, but that's what made their performances wonderful. 

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