Studio 2054

Stars: 5/5

What does Dua Lipa do when we can’t go to the club? She brings the club to us.

The singer did just that with her virtual show “Studio 2054.” “Future Nostalgia” has been one of my favorite new albums ever since it was released last year. I missed the show the first time around, so when I saw that Lipa brought it back I knew that this time I couldn’t miss out on the magic.

The show opens and right off the back we are thrown into this world Lipa has created for this concert and era. It’s in a big building filled with flashing lights and lots of dancers, truly making it feel like a club. From the sets, to the outfits and even filming style, it all gave off a very vintage, funky aesthetic.

Lipa starts off with the song “Future Nostalgia-” then we hear a fun transition into one of my personal favorites, “Levitating.” This performance was a full-on party, and I have to say it was probably one of her best performances of this song so far.

We go from a groovy dance break to seeing the live band that is killing it. With the band, the dancers and background singers, it sounds and feels like a full set for a festival show.

“Pretty Please” is next, and I haven’t gotten this song out of my head since watching this performance. We see our first outfit and scenery change, with ‘80s school vibes for “Break My Heart.” Then FKA Twigs appears to do some of her iconic pole dancing and performs their song “Why Don’t You Love Me.”

The big neon club part of the set was my favorite, and Lipa joined DJ The Blessed Madonna to sing “Physical.” “Cool” is next, and Lipa heads back to the dance floor as her dancers actually skate around her on roller skates, making it feel more like a retro roller rink.

The concert represented the album very well, bringing the nostalgia with the old school vibes and giving us more of what we hope to see in the future, partying and dancing to music with friends. The whole show made you want to get up and dance. If you played this show on your TV and put on fun colorful lights, you’d feel like you were in a club.

“New Rules” being performed was a pleasant surprise since I didn’t expect to hear any old songs from the artist performed in this show. We also see the “Prisoner” music video and a performance of “Love Again.” Angèle then joins Lipa to sing their song “Fever.”

We go back to the club setting, and the big party begins. “One Kiss” plays, and the dancers all join together on the dance floor. I’ve never wanted to go to a club more after seeing this performance. Kylie Minogue joins in on the fun, and the performers sing their song “Real Groove.” Minogue also joins Lipa for “Electricity.” After the dance party we get a dramatic cut to a video of the one and only Elton John singing his hit song “Rocket Man.”

For the finale, Lipa comes out to perform “Hallucinate” and her mega-hit “Don’t Start Now.” Lipa and all the dancers dance through the whole set, and the show ends with confetti falling and everyone celebrating.

To say Lipa knows how to put on a show is an understatement. I can’t tell you how much this exceeded my expectations; I would give it 100 stars if I could. The whole show was designed and choreographed really well. Regardless of opinions on her past performances, the dancing and stage presence were there for this show. Dua Lipa is the newest pop princess; and “Studio 2054” just sealed her place as pop royalty.

This special showing of “Studio 2054” also came with “The Story Behind the Show Documentary” where we hear from Lipa and those involved in making the show that was viewed by over 5 million people.

“It was clear from the second you walked in that this wasn’t going to be like anything else,” The Blessed Madonna said in the documentary.

COVID-19 lockdowns occurred right when Lipa was about to release her album and start planning her tour. Since she couldn’t perform for a live audience, Lipa decided to create a virtual show for her fans. I love the play on the name Studio 54, taking the iconic disco nightclub and recreating it for 2020.

“With ‘Future Nostalgia’ being the theme, the idea was taking a piece of what Studio 54 was and kind of bring it to life in a whole new way,” Lipa said.

Lipa drew inspiration from the era and says she wishes she was a part of it; she was lucky enough to talk to Elton John about his experiences in the club.

“It was a perfect club at the perfect time,” Elton John said describing Studio 54.

Lipa shared she had anxiety getting ready for the show after receiving criticism from some of her other performances. She wanted to prove to herself and others she deserved everything she’s worked so hard for.

“It’s just been incredible during this whole process to do the performances, to grow into the performer I feel like I’ve always wanted to be with the help of my friends,” Lipa said.

The whole show was essentially one take, and it was cool to see how it all came together. We also got to see the star’s reaction to her six Grammy nominations. “It all made it worthwhile,” Lipa said. Lipa won her first Grammy for Pop Vocal Album this year.

The show was incredible and unlike anything I’ve ever seen.

“I wanted to bring artists together that I really love and give people a dance party,” Lipa said. It’s safe to say she did just that.

You can get tickets to the encore show of 'Studio 2054' here

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