'In The Dark'

Stars: 5/5 

A true embodiment of a double entendre, "In The Dark" fully characterizes the phrase "blind leading the blind."

Riddled with mystery, drama and comedy, “In The Dark” ironically chronicles the life of blind main character, Murphy Mason, on her quest to achieve justice for her friend and the subsequent effects from her personal investigative work. 

Navigating life with an attitude of nonchalance, the few things that Mason truly cares for are the people in her trusted circle of family and friends. Unbeknownst to Mason, she would find her close friend Tyson, played by Thamela Mpumlwana, dead in an alley.

As if finding a friend dead isn’t enough, police were reluctant to believe Mason due to her disability, claiming that she couldn’t be sure since she couldn't actually see him. Igniting a fire within her, she relentlessly tries to uncover the truth regarding Tyson’s killer. 

Along the journey, Mason meets Max Parish, played by Casey Deidrick, a food truck owner and money launderer for a local drug lord. Falling in love quickly, Mason and Parish’s ever changing relationship keeps us guessing on which direction they’ll go in next.

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Catapulting her life into one bad decision after another, Mason finds herself trapped in a love triangle, a turf war and most recently, the fear of being caught for it all, leaving Mason and her counterparts on the run.

Put bluntly, this show has it ALL. Intrigued by the title, “In The Dark” was what drew me in. 

What exactly is "In The Dark?" It screams secrets, mystery and drama. Only after seeing the first few minutes of the first episode did I recognize the irony of the title. 

Packed with drama at every turn, “In The Dark” leaves the audience on the edge of their seat with each passing minute. Hanging on the comedic relief of Mason, it’s coated in sarcasm while also being intellectually accurate. 

Loving the quick banter of the main characters and the well developed storyline, what I also found pleasing was how mobile and adequate Mason is. Of course she does have a considerable amount of assistance, however Mason is incredibly competent and can handle herself with nearly anything. 

Thinking that this is not written to be about female strength, the show highlights it anyway. Displaying a good amount of action as well, “In The Dark” does not disappoint.

Finishing both seasons in roughly two weeks, it plays out with the equivalence of a page-turning book that can’t be out down. It's encapsulating and date night approved. 

“In The Dark” is regularly played on the CW Network. Seasons one & two can be streamed on Netflix. While being renewed for a third season, its release date has yet to be set. 

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