Kevin Hart

Stars: 5/5 

In his most intimate setting to date, Kevin Hart does what he does best, delivering laughs and life gems from the comfort of his own home.

Chronicling life in the time of COVID-19, Hart starts us off with his experiences with the novel Coronavirus, from purchasing loads of toilet tissue and N-95 masks to him and his wife Eniko Hart, testing positive for the virus themselves.

As if that wasn’t the perfect opener to this special, Kevin keeps the laughs rolling through each section of the show. 

Always including the life of his kids, Kevin explains why private school creates children that can’t stand up for themselves. He summed it up in four perfect words, "private school breeds b***hes," which no one could detest because it’s true. 

Creating the perfect segway from the difference between private school and public school children, he brings the audience on the journey of his kids when they’re traveling and vacationing with him versus traveling and vacationing with their mother. Put simply, it’s two considerably different experiences. 

Kevin goes into life after turning 40 and how this is point in life where no f***ks are given. Detailing how his wife Eniko is always searching for “give a f**ks,” Kevin explains how men operate and their lack of care about menial things. 

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What is evidently clear is that the following summary doesn’t even touch the surface of all of the topics covered in this new special, but what I do suggest is that everyone watches it when they have a couple free hours.

In true Kevin Hart fashion, a majority, if not everything, is relatable in his comedy specials. At some point or another, someone has experienced the historia surrounding COVID-19, adequately named “the VID” by Hart himself. Also, at some point, we all know what it’s like to not be on the same page with our significant others and spouses. 

The only aspect that may sit differently with some people are the jokes that only pertain to rich people or people with adequate means. While I could empathize because I don’t have all the money in the world, I can't understand how it would feel to have a dinner party and not get the expressions I’d like to receive out of my invited guests. While I’ve never had this happen to me personally, I’ve been a part of a few that ended on a strange note. 

Each sequence of the special left me gasping for air as I laughed, sometimes laughing so hard that I cried. 

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While I have shared some unique experiences during this pandemic, this special doesn’t only give some great laughs, it offers an entertaining alternative for family or date night. 

As for me, I’m watching it again for the third time as I write this. You should check it out too.

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