Last Chance

Casper Cann's debut track into the music industry as a solo artist, “Last Chance.” Courtesy Casper Caan 

Stars: 5/5

Being his debut track into the music industry as a solo artist, “Last Chance” is truly a song that highlights the unique flavor of music that Casper Caan is capable of.

As a native of New York, Caan has been experimental with his own sound for years and even released an instrumental track, “How We Are Who We Are,” that was featured in Steven Soderbergh’s film Let Them All Talk. 

That being said, I think the highlight of “Last Chance” is found in the production of the song. Caan is responsible for writing, producing and performing his tracks, which is a marvel of its own, but the instrumentals really stand out and give the song the uniqueness that it is known for. The song gives synth, almost futuristic vibes while still staying mellow to accompany the inspirational lyrics that discuss getting up and doing something in life versus being afraid of failure and pressure. 

“Last Chance” also features a number of influential collaborators including Arjun Agarwala as the recording engineer, Nick Steinhardt as the designer and visual artist Jonathan Zawada, who has worked with artists such as The Avalanches. The song also includes award winning Kosuke Sugimoto as the music video animator.

Wonderland has named “Last Chance” as a song that is needed to help slow things down and relax while life continues to keep going at full speed, and I couldn’t agree more. The song gives major 2 a.m. solo music session in the bedroom vibes, but the beauty of it is that it could be played at any hour and still be deemed as a great song.

“Last Chance” by Casper Caan can be found on all streaming platforms as well as a very detailed and intriguing music video on YouTube. Be sure to stay on the lookout for his new EP that is soon to be released to catch more of his brilliant work.

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