'Love, Guaranteed' A Netflix Film

Rank: 3/5

“What price would you pay to find love? Almost anything, right?” asked Susan Whitaker in her opening arguments of the trial.  

Played by Racheal Leigh Cook, Whitaker is a do-gooder attorney that is known to fight for good people and the underdogs. Approached by Nick Evans, played by Damon Wayans Jr., Whitaker is persuaded to take Evans’ case to sue the company Love Guaranteed for not being able to guarantee love. 

“I’ve been on 986 different dates and not one of them have provided me love,” said Evans’, admitting to Whitaker that at 1000 dates he would have a solid case against Love Guaranteed per their legal guidelines. 

Constructed like a typical romantic comedy, Whitaker and Evans eventually fall for each other during the course of their working relationship. Having met organically, the irony of having had 1,000 dates only to find love the old fashion way is anything but lost. 

Loving a good rom-com myself, I found the film to have a light and airy texture. Starring Cook of the 1990 classic “She’s All That,” the delivery of her performance was smooth and heartfelt. Connecting well with her costar Wayans Jr., the authentic display of chemistry pulled at my emotions. 

So why did “Love, Guaranteed” get a three out of five ranking in my book?

Predicated solely on the development of the story line, I just wanted more. Most commonly, romantic comedies are filled with drama, where tensions continuously rise and fall. Creating more of a build up would have made this film more dynamic. 

Additionally, there was really no steam, heat or passion. Whitaker and Evans share a kiss during the final moments of the film, and it leaves the audience on a sort of cliff hanger with a proverbial “that’s it” stamp across their foreheads. While it was rather sensual in nature, the elongated hug followed by the forehead kiss was enough to leave every romantic hooked.

Most likely an unpopular opinion, I’m also not a huge fan of Heather Graham in this film either. Playing Tamara Taylor, the billionaire owner of the online matchmaking company, Graham’s character is a semi enlightened capitalist that could care less if her subscribers actually find love on her platform or not. 

Although it could have used a more thoroughly established plot, the storyline was one of substance, making the film an enjoyable one. Opinions aside, to anyone who is a Racheal Leigh Cook fan, “Love, Guaranteed” is a treat for all who enjoy her work. 

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