doom's final song

Stars: 5/5

On Dec. 31, 2020, MF DOOM's wife revealed to the public that the icon had passed on Oct. 31, 2020. His family took two months to themselves before confirming the death of the 49-year-old hip hop star. The hip hop world lost a legendary rapper and producer.

DOOM's superstar status is irrefutable. The masked man’s first solo album from 1999 has songs that still hold up 22 years later. Since then, DOOM's iconic wordplay has graced five other solo albums and six collaboration albums. He is a pioneer of stream of consciousness rap and an inspiration to many other greats like Tyler the Creator and Run The Jewels. 

BADBADNOTGOOD is the Canadian jazz band with the honor of collaborating with DOOM on the final song released before his passing. “The Chocolate Conquistadors” came out on Dec.15, 2020, as part of the soundtrack for a new Grand Theft Auto 5 online heist.

MF DOOM lends his rhymes to the beginning of this 7-minute-long funky tune. BADBADNOTGOOD closed out the final 4 minutes with some upbeat instrumentation without lyrics. 

“Niño, vente conmigo, Escúchame, te cuento unas cosas,” DOOM speaks during his minute-long Spanish monologue. He tells the listener to come to hear the story of chocolate conquistadors who conquered ignorance. 

DOOM begins to rap over a metronome bass and simple keyboard melody. He manages to rhyme almost every line with the preceding one. The drums pick up in sync with DOOM's bars, as does the keyboard. 

DOOM opens the second verse with the line “dates of fake history to erase, comin' through the corridors of deep space.” He seems to be speaking of a situation that must be handled by the chocolate conquistadors.  

A series of snare rolls carry the song into its second half. An eerie tone gets bigger until finally dropping off at the onset of the guitar. The sound eventually climaxes before continuing. A short drum solo precedes the finale with all instruments returning.

DOOM makes his presence on this track felt though his voice is present for less than half of the song. His rhymes with a funky jazz instrumental are a perfect pair.

The mysterious figure who mastered meshing his bars with beats remained mysterious even through his final days. DOOM's cause of death is still unknown. It is known that 49 is far too young for anyone. Stones Throw Records founder, DJ Peanut Butter Wolf says DOOM's and Madlib’s sequel to the collaboration album Madvillainy was 85% done at the time of DOOM's death. Hopeful for a posthumous drop while grieving the loss, DOOM's fans are happy to have experienced the wizardry of the late legend. “The Chocolate Conquistadors” was a quality final flow for MF DOOM.

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