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Stars: 4/5 

It's the conversation that everyone is having all over the internet. It seems like the satanic panic is back, but Lil Nas X is using this controversy to promote his new single "Montero (Call Me By Your Name)." 

With all the outrage, it seems like the true meaning behind the song was left behind. Lil Nas X said on Twitter that this song is directed to his younger self. He discussed how he grew as a gay man, and he feels like his experience would help others feel comfortable about their sexuality. 

The song is also about a guy he met last summer, so it is also a direct reference to the book and movie "Call Me By Your Name." 

Lil Nas X is not hiding anymore. He is venturing out of the "Old Town Road" era and moving more to pop than a mix of hip hop and country. He is also singing and not rapping. His voice is good enough for the song, but you can tell it is not his strong suit.

Although, I think the song is decent and already a commercial success, Lil Nas X's music is not what I listen to, but I gave this song a shot. But I think the music video is what makes it have a high ranking. 

It's creative, and there is a lot of Lil Nas X. He is basically every character in the music video, but that is the point. The song is about his experience, and he is showing us into his world, or underworld.

The most controversial part of the music video is his lap dance for the devil. Lil Nas X is not the only pop artist who used this type of imagery, but it is causing a lot of chaos. It is his own artistic expression that people will not understand because they are blinded by outrage.

This outrage has made the song lose its meaning, but for those who paid attention, the message is clear. Lil Nas X wanted to hide his flamboyance, but he is going all out with it. We see that he is comfortable with himself and that no religion will put him down. 

Lil Nas X is setting his own terms, and that is what makes the music video so good. 

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