Emergency Tsunami

Stars: 4.5/5

If you are a fan of Nav, you'll be excited to hear he dropped a new album called “Emergency Tsunami.” I've been a Nav fan from the beginning. His beats are always original, but people dislike how all of his songs pertain to sex, money and drugs.

This album follows suit with him rapping about the same topic, but somehow, he is always able to change it up enough to keep fans pleased. Being that he recently dropped “Good Intentions” in May, I was not expecting anymore music, let alone an album from him.

“Emergency Tsunami,” produced by Wheezy, holds 12 songs and an intro and outro that goes along with the theme of Tsunamis. My top favorite songs from the album are "Friends & Family," "Nasty," "Repercussions" and "Modest." 

"Nasty" has to be my favorite of the album because of its beat and upbeat but mellow flow. "Friends & Family" was a great opener for and gives a great idea of what is to follow with the rest of the album. "Modest" and "Repercussions" also gave me classic Nav vibes. 

My favorite thing about the album are the beats. The beats for each song are unique but also all tie into one another. I feel that this is Nav’s strong suit as a rapper. Yes, he raps about the same thing, but he is able to produce many albums that all sound different, and to me that’s a good rapper.

Is this his best album yet? No. “Bad Habits” and “Good Intentions” were phenomenal albums. That being said it is hard to top those. I can tell this album did not take as much time as his past ones due to the fact there are fewer songs on “Emergency Tsunami,” compared to his past records.

I am rating this album on the higher side due to the awesome beats that flow well and also because this is exactly what to expect from Nav, moreover, I am not disappointed. He seems to know what his fans like and want from him and that is something fans appreciate.

Overall, this album is pretty good. It is definitely not as great as his past albums but like I said those are hard to beat. This album is only 33 minutes long and can be listened to in one sitting. I do recommend this album to fans of Nav. New listeners, I recommend listening to his previous albums to get a feel for Nav and then follow up with this new album.

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