dirty john

Stars: 4.5/5

Netflix pulled out all the stops for the true-crime series “Dirty John.” Even though the show only consists of one season, each episode is packed with drama and frights to keep watchers engaged. Though this show came out in 2018, it is just now becoming well known to viewers. 

The show starts off by diving into the life of a successful woman who has built a name for herself in Newport Beach, California. Even with her prosperous business and beautiful children, she still lacks the love she desires for her life. From this being a true-crime, one can guess the man she falls for ends up tarnishing her ideal life. 

The lead roles of Debra Newell (the mother) played by Connie Britton, John Meehan (the boyfriend) played by Eric Bana, Terra Newell (the youngest daughter) played by Julia Garner and Veronica Newell (the eldest daughter) played by Juno Temple all fulfill their roles beyond well. 

By the middle of the first episode, you are hooked. Questioning who certain people are and what the back story is, you will never be bored with this storyline. They keep the show focused on Debra and her immediate family and do not stray too far from their home life.

The back story questions you ask yourself will be answered eventually but not all of them. The show keeps you wondering about a few facts. However, towards the end of the season, you will get frustrated. Debra Newell will most definitely get on your last nerve and will have you screaming at the TV. The final episode of the show is shocking. I never thought it would end that way, but I am glad it did. 

No one thinks mishaps like this can happen to them, and this show represents that this can, in fact, happen to you. 

The family that suffered through this dark time was brave enough to share their story and all the horrible details that came with it. For people who are into true crime stories, this is the perfect show for you. The story is based on a true story that is also a podcast called “Dirty John.” To listen to the true-crime check it out on Spotify and Apple Podcasts. 

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