Deja Vu

Stars: 4/5

Olivia Rodrigo is beginning to claim her throne as pop music's newest it-girl. Coming down from the overwhelming success of her single "Drivers License," Rodrigo recently released a new single called "Deja Vu" and announced her debut album "Sour."

Rodrigo is back with her new song "Deja Vu," and it seems like she's still a little mad at whoever her mystery ex-lover is. The song is a lot more upbeat than "Drivers License," but still takes digs at a past love interest. In the song, Rodrigo calls out her old flame for using their old tricks for their new relationship. 

Though it's still unconfirmed that any of Rodrigo's music is about her co-star Joshua Bassett and his relationship with actress Sabrina Carpenter, fans are still making connections between the song and the Disney stars. Rodrigo sings that her ex is with another actress, which could allude to Carpenter. She also talks about sharing jackets, which fans have found pictures of Rodrigo and Bassett doing. Whether it's true or not, it probably has helped the song's popularity, though I think it's a good summer song without the speculated drama. 

When I first heard this track, I got a little deja vu myself. Toward the end of the song Rodrigo proclaims, "I know you get deja vu," but the melody of this one line sounded like something familiar to me. It wasn't until I saw a TikTok about this line that I realized what it reminded me of.

This line sounds almost identical to the line in Taylor Swift's "Cruel Summer" where she sings, "he looks so pretty like a devil." I know Rodrigo is a Swiftie, so it would be no surprise if this was on purpose, but I think it's funny how the song gave me actual deja vu like I had heard that part before. 

There's only one thing that I didn't like about this song, and it's probably just me being nitpicky. During the opening, Rodrigo sings about laughing and then in the background you can hear breathy laughter that echoes with a small "ha ha ha." Though I see what Rodrigo was doing here with this ad lib, I think it sounds a little weird and slightly haunting. Other than that, I really think this might be one of the songs of the summer. 

Whether you're yelling the lyrics about your ex or need a good song to listen to as you drive with your windows down, Olivia Rodrigo has you covered with "Deja Vu." So far there's not a song from the young singer that I haven't liked, and I'm fully anticipating her full debut album to be released on May 21, 2021.

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