Post Malone Beer Pong

Stars: 5/5

With Bud Light brand deals, it comes as no surprise Post Malone likes to indulge in a game of beer pong from time to time. The rapper is taking his love for the classic college party game to the next level by starting up his own show titled “Post Malone’s Celebrity World Pong League” in which he invites his friends from the music industry to join him for a game. The show is available on Post Malone’s Facebook page, and new episodes come out every Wednesday and Friday.

Each week Post Malone joins his tour DJ and pong partner Smitty to take on a variety of stars and rappers for pong matchups. Each episode starts the same with Post and Smitty talking about their competition and their competitors doing the same. Both teams warm up and get ready for the game by playing one-on-one practice games. 

Post’s manager Dre London takes his role as Celebrity World Pong League Commissioner and introduces both teams to the game. Each team is playing for bragging rights and a coveted belt that they don’t get to take home because Post says they don’t have the budget to buy a new one. A screen displays a virtual audience watching from home and a celebrity guest that usually tells both teams what kind of challenge the losers will have to take part in. The virtual audience gets to partake in the game playing experience by asking a question to a team if that team asks for a re-rack of the cups on the table.

In the first week, Post and Smitty took on Machine Gun Kelly and Tyla Yaweh. The show started with Post and Smitty talking about how this game was a rematch after Post and Tyla played each other on tour. Post’s team won, and Tyla lost a large sum of money in the game. Despite all of the trash-talking from Post and Smitty, this matchup ended with Machine Gun Kelly and Tyla Yaweh reigning victorious. This would not be the first upset that Post and Smitty experienced on the show, but you have to watch the other games to see who become pong legends. 

So far, the show only has four episodes, but there are two episodes added each week. Other stars that have been featured on the show are The Chainsmokers, Tyga, YG, Quavo and Saweetie. All players test negative for COVID-19 before they square up, as well. 

Overall, I found this show very entertaining. You don’t have to be well-versed in beer pong rules to watch either; there are clips throughout each episode where Post comes in and introduces new rules and ways of the game. I do wish there were more questions taken from the audience because these people don’t hold back when asking the hard questions. Sometimes the players don’t exactly answer the question, but it’s more entertaining when they do. I enjoyed the sense of camaraderie between Post’s team and all of the other visiting teams as well. 

One thing that did surprise me was that Post Malone isn’t a master in the game of beer pong. Post has been seen so many times with a Bud Light in hand, but he’s got just as much skill as any person up to play at a house party. Even though he isn’t a real “pong legend,” it’s fun to see Post and Smitty talk smack during the game and then completely blow their turns. If you’re missing the joy of watching people play pong at parties and other social events, simply go onto Facebook and watch this show. It’s way more entertaining and way safer than going out to a house party during a pandemic. 

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