The Crown S4 princess Diana

Stars 5/5 

Princess Diana joins the royal family in season four of "The Crown." Diana Spencer, played by Emma Corrin, was mentioned in the beginning of the new season. She was in costume when she met Prince Charles (Joshua O'Connor) for the first time, which lead to more tragic events.

The show mainly revolves around the royal family in the '80s, but I was always looking forward to seeing scenes with Princess Diana. Corrin masterfully captures her kindness and vulnerability. She is young, naive, head-over-heels for Prince Charles and loved the idea of becoming a princess. However, that is quickly shut down after Prince Charles' affair with Camilla Shand (Emerald Fennell). 

"The Crown" also brings out Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher (Gillian Anderson). Thatcher is shown to be a cold and stubborn woman who makes decisions that dramatically affect the people of the United Kingdom. The audience constantly hears news reports and scenes of people who are unemployed and in need of a job just to survive. 

The audience sees that Thatcher is more concerned with the United Kingdom's strong appearance while the people are struggling to put food on the table. Princess Diana shows a contrast by being the kind and compassionate woman the world fell in love with.

Tensions are always high between Prince Charles and Princess Diana because it is obvious that he is still in love with Camilla. Some of the best acting this season came from O'Connor and Corrin.

We see the downfall of the marriage between the two, and we also see how it affected Princess Diana, with the show displaying how she developed an eating disorder. The marriage takes a bigger hit due to Prince Charles' jealousy and resentment toward Princess Diana's worldwide popularity. 

"The Crown" is pulling back the curtain of the royal family. In public, they may look happy and glamorous, but in Buckingham Palace, we see a family that has issues that even money cannot fix. Queen Elizabeth II (Olivia Colman) could handle multiple countries in the commonwealth, but she cannot handle her own family. 

The casting for Princess Diana and Thatcher are great picks and the actresses do a terrific job. O'Connor plays a great Prince Charles and I ended up hating his character after every episode. This season was just too good.

It was fun to watch with '80s hits being played throughout the season. The music may be upbeat, but the reality of the U.K. at the time was very bleak.  

Overall, this was a superb season that made me want to continue to binge. Princess Diana was the main reason for me to continue watching, and I am hopeful to see more of Corrin in the next season. 

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